Cronies betray Fernandinho Beira-Mar and combine the rival faction

Um vídeo gravado pelos traficantes mostra os criminosos da Vila Aliança caminhando com roupas camufladas e fuzis nas ruas da Vila Kennedy.
18/09/2018 09h55 - Updated 18/09/2018 11h03

Cronies of the trafficker Luiz Fernando da Costa, Fernandinho Beira-Mar, who headed trafficking in Comando Vermelho's favelas (CV) dominated by him in the Baixada Fluminense, They betrayed him and sided with the Terceiro Comando Puro (TCP). Near 40 rifles were taken by criminals to Vicar General, do TCP, on the weekend.

After the betrayal, Police are investigating whether the former allies will try to take control of Beira-Mar fields in the Baixada. currently, he is serving in the federal penitentiary in Mossoró (RN). In addition to the Red Clay, the boss controls trafficking in the slums Park of missions and Beira-Mar, in Duque de Caxias.

Betrayal is another episode in the war that the CV and the TCP lock in state slums. Last Friday, traffickers from Vila Aliança, dominated by TCP in Bangu, invaded the neighboring Vila Kennedy. Residents reported that gunfire lasted until Saturday night.

Another slum that is subject to dispute between the two factions is the Rocinha. As the EXTRA showed yesterday, police investigate the movement of the gang of Antonio Bonfim Lopes, he is not, today at TCP, to resume the hill, dominated by CV. The police already know that dealer's relatives were trying to São Paulo support of the First Command of the Capital (PCC).

Source: Extra

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