child 4 years has cut ear during stepfather of assault

A vítima foi encontrada sozinha dentro de casa, with partially cut left ear, sangrando muito.
20/09/2018 15h27 - Updated 20/09/2018 19h04
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A man of 28 years was arrested at his brother's house, early on Wednesday (19), and he confessed to having beaten the stepson 4 years in Jandaia, in southern Goiás region. According to the Military Police, the victim was found alone in the house, with partially cut left ear, bleeding heavily and bruises in the eye, mouth and belly.

"The team received an anonymous tip that a child was crying too, looking like he was being attacked. The staff was there, He called several times and, no reply, They climbed over the wall and found the badly hurt child ", said Sergeant Military Police Ademir da Guia Amaral.

The tutelary city councilor, Paul Faleiro, He said he was called and followed the victim in the municipal hospital of the city, where he underwent tests, and he was subsequently transferred to the Emergency Hospital Governor Otavio Lage de Siqueira (Hugol).

According to the health unit the child is in the infirmary and has health condition stable.

According to the advisor, the boy already had surgery to reconstruct the ear. Also according to Paul, the child's mother was found by the PM the way to hospital and was desperate to see the injured son. “We understand that she had no involvement with the situation by her surprise. She was dismayed when he saw the child injured”, said.

According to PM, after leaving the victim to the care of the Child Protection Agency, the team was in the child's stepfather search, which was found in the house of a brother. He was taken to the police station in Jandaia, where he confessed the crime.

"He said he was very drunk and not remember how to hit, just remember that the boy was bleeding profusely, eat was afraid of being arrested and left the house, wanting to escape. He admitted that hit the stepson, but he said he was very drunk and does not remember the reason ", said the delegate Daniel Gustavo Gonçalves Moura.

Still according to the investigator, the prisoner was taken to the prison Indiara, which follows arrested, and must answer for the crime of torture.

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