Delegate Pablo is favorite to occupy a seat in Congress

Os resultados que Pablo Oliva apresenta antes mesmo da eleição o coloca como um forte nome para a Câmara.
21/09/2018 16h31 - Updated 22/09/2018 13h47
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The candidate for federal deputy, Pablo Oliva (PAGE), which also served as the operation bad roads slender, investigating sum of deviations and fraud in the Amazon Health, He grew up in the intention of vote of the Amazonian voters and is seen as a possible elected coalition “I vote in Amazonas1”, and can take out the electoral contest the deputy governor, Bosco Saraiva (SD) and Councilman Marcel Alexandre (PHS).

According to analysis of Blog do Durango, the thin will have a strong vote in the election and depends on the interior of the votes to be elected.

Novice in politics the results Pablo Oliva presents even before the election places him as a strong name for the Federal Chamber.

The delegate is the only candidate for federal deputy of the Amazon supported by presidential, Jair Bolsonaro (PAGE).

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Posted by delegate Pablo – 1717 on Wednesday, August 15, 2018

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