Member states that government is silent to the invaders attacks in Igarapé do Mindu

Residents of the surrounding condos, They report back to the invaders that threaten return to town.
18/09/2018 17h05 - Updated 19/09/2018 13h35

Mr Serafim Correa (PSB) He said the government is silent attacks promoted by builders and even politicking actions taken in Permanent Preservation Area (APP) Igarapé the Mindu. When mayor of Manaus, Serafim signed a contract with Caixa Economica Federal (CEF), no amount of R $ 180 millions, to build the ecological corridor of Mindu, but the work was ignored by his successors.

According to newspaper report CRITICAL published on Tuesday (18), residents of the surrounding condos, They report back to the invaders that threaten return to the location that is on the stretch of the Urban Ecological Corridor Mindú, located not set Petros, Crowned in the neighborhood, East zone.

"We are destroying the natural habitat of sauim-toed, default public sector, but mostly by construction activities, invading the banks of the bayou, and even politicians, Always election time promote raids on the edge of the creek ", said Rep.

Before concluding the mandate as mayor of Manaus, in 2008, Serafim says left signed with Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF) a contract of R $ 180 million to the work of the ecological corridor of the affluent of the Mindu.

"But unfortunately the mayors who succeeded me have not given the importance it should have given. And that money is available to Federal Savings Bank and the project does not proceed ", It concluded Serafim.

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