Businessman donates more than R $ 6 million to political campaign 50 candidates

According to data of Elections, a maioria são para o cargo de deputado federal.
22/09/2018 16h52 - Updated 24/09/2018 12h31

In the first election for majority and proportional seats in the States and the Union after the ban on corporate donations, businessman Rubens Ometto, founder of Cosan, It is, until now, the largest funder of campaigns.

According to data of Elections, Ometto had donated, until yesterday, R$ 6,3 million for 50 candidates, most federal deputy. He also made transfers to five supporters directories. Donations cover 13 parties and 13 States.

R $ 6,3 million donated by businessman represent 21% of Cosan Lubricants donated in 2014 (R$ 30 millions), last national election before the Supreme Court prohibit donations from legal entities. The Court vetoed this type of financing completed trial in September 2015. The value of this year may increase by the end of the first round, no dia 7 of October.

The second donor who injected more money on campaigns was the entrepreneur Nevaldo Rock, owner of Riachuelo. rock distributed, among the five candidates, a total of R $ 2,57 millions. The two entrepreneurs are on the list of 42 Brazilian billionaires published in March by Forbes magazine.

'Rules'. Ometto said, through its advisory, that transfers to candidates from several party colorations, have "personal". The businessman Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cosan Group, which it has business in the areas of energy, logistics, infrastructure and agriculture.

"The election donations were made in a personal capacity and follow the rules established by the Supreme Electoral Court and other applicable rules", He informed the press advisory of the entrepreneur.

Of the total donated R $ 6,3 million by Ometto, R$ 1,1 million was allocated to ten candidates are research target in Operation Lava Jet. these politicians, eight parties and five states, They received between R $ 50 mil e R$ 250 one thousand.

Source: Estadão Content

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