SPECIAL ADVERTISING: Making fires is a crime. Help fight this practice, report it!

18/09/2018 00h00 - Updated 18/09/2018 15h29

By: Municipal Communication
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You know what to do is burned crime?
Those who practice this activity can suffer harsh penalties such as fines and lawsuits.
Besides that, fires cause serious damage to the environment and the health of people, as:

● smog;
● Temperature increase from;
● Disappearance of green areas;
● Erosion on the banks of rivers and streams;
● Fires in residential and commercial areas;
● Accidents on the roads to reach the power grid;
● Respiratory diseases such as asthma, emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

That is why, to combat this practice, Manaus Prefecture has been conducting inspections, as well as educational and distribution of seedlings at various city locations, as bus terminals, fairs,
popular shopping malls, Rotating intersections and road.

You can also do their part:

● Try to keep your clean ground or direct the owner to do so, without using the
● Never put fire in vegetation;
● Dry leaves need not be burned, producing organic compound;
● Do not throw cigarette butts and matches lit in areas with vegetation, because you can
cause a major fire;
● Say no to burned, plant a tree;
● In case of fire, immediately trigger the Fire Department at 193.

Help fight fires.
Call to 0800-092-2000 and report!

The participation of each one is very important to end this practice.

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