FGV: Brazilian economy decreased 0,5% in the quarter ended in July

O cálculo oficial do PIB é feito pelo Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística (IBGE).
19/09/2018 09h28 - Updated 19/09/2018 17h01
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The Gross Domestic Product (START), which is the sum of all goods and services produced in the country, dropped down 0,5% in the quarter ended in July, compared to the quarter ended in April. The data is GDP Monitor, divulgado today (19) the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV).

Compared to the quarter ended in July 2017, However, There was an increase of 0,5%. Considering only the month July, there were increases of 0,4% compared to June of this year and 2,2% compared to June of last year. In 12 months, a GDP gain of another 1,5%, according to the survey of FGV.

A is of 0,5% compared to the quarter ended in April was driven by industry (-1,9%) and the services (-0,4%). Agriculture was the only major productive sectors with high (2,8%).

industry, the decrease was influenced by indentations 2,8% in the processing industry, 1,3% in construction and 0,8% in mining. The electricity segment increased 0,6%.

in services, there were falls 1,2% in trade, 3,6% transport, 0,7% in other services and 0,1% in public administration. On the other hand, grew the information segments (0,8%), financial intermediation (0,5%) and real estate (1,2%).

From the perspective of demand, a quarter of decline ended in April for the quarter ended in July was driven by gross fixed capital formation (investments), who fell 1,5%. Household consumption remained stable and government consumption grew 0,6%. Exports fell 5,2%, while imports fell by 4,3%.

Source: Agency Brazil

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