Supervision of the Regional Electoral Court removes the applicant's irregular streets advertising Omar Aziz

candidate flags were set in gardens and public parks in different areas in the city of Manau.
15/09/2018 14h38 - Updated 17/09/2018 12h55
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Judges of the Supervisory Committee of the Regional Electoral Court of Amazonas – TRE / AM withdrew on Saturday morning, 15/09, candidate flags to the Governor Omar Aziz (PSD) coalition “Amazon Safely”, amanhecidas set in gardens and public parks in different areas in the city of Manaus. The action developed by the coalition of the campaign command PSD / PSDB, the vice governor candidate, Arthur Bisneto, hurts the electoral law (lei 9.504/97), prohibiting this form of advertising of the candidates in the elections of 7 of October.

Operating since the early morning, members of the Anti-Corruption Committee and Cash Two in the Amazon, They found the irregularity streets and avenues in the PSD candidate and Propaganda, immediately, made telephone contact with the TRE Supervisory Commission / AM, forwarding the complaint.

“In the early hours of Saturday morning, the judges of the Audit Committee initiated the withdrawal of advertising material, with the help of military police. scattered in various parts of the city. We find candidate flags on avenue Constantino Nery, Amazon Boulevard, Praça das Letras, Deborah near the set, and other areas”, said Rebecca Mendonça, one of the three election judges belonging to the Electoral Propaganda Supervisory Board of TRE / AM.

What does the law say
Based on current legislation, electoral advertising is prohibited in public goods, as streetlights, traffic signal, viaducts, walkways, bridges, bus stops, trees, gardens located in public areas, walls, fences and fences dividing, and other urban sites. Outdoors, including electronic, also they can not be used for propaganda.

Then, the TRE Supervisory Commission / AM issued the fault notification term the coalition in order to communicate about the offense committed and it was arranged the removal of illegal advertising in other areas in the Amazon capital. In case of noncompliance with the guidance sent by the court to party coalition, the fine can be applied with reference to the Law 9.504/97.

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