Government of Amazonas announces promotion 1,9 thousand police officers and firefighters

Of the promotions, 1.642 They are military police and 258 for firefighters.
21/09/2018 17h43 - Updated 22/09/2018 13h46

The governor signed Amazonino Mendes, this Friday (21/09), acts of career promotion 1,9 thousand police officers and firefighters Amazon. The announcement was made by the extraordinary secretary, Colonel Walter Cruz, and the Secretary of Public Safety, Colonel Anézio Paiva, next to the commanders of the two corporations and organizations and associations representing the categories. Of the promotions, 1.642 They are military police and 258 for firefighters.

promotion of the minutes were sent for publication in the Official State Gazette. In a press conference held at the Center for Integrated Command and Control (CICC), in the south central area of ​​the capital, Security Secretary pointed out that the measure is fair and recognizes the work of police and firefighters. "Promotion is the culmination of the appreciation of his service to the Amazonian society. It is a day of celebration for police and firefighters. We just have to thank each of the police and firefighters promoted by the excellent service they are doing ", said.

With new promotions, the state government accounts 7.973 promoted military police since October 2017, solving all the advancement of pending liabilities career of category servers. The deals signed today are within the regular schedule, started in August, and are part of the deployment goals of the program Guardiãm 24 hours.

Fire Department, They are being promoted 258 firefighters. October here, the number of promoted totals 642 military.

According to Colonel Walter Cruz, the Amazonas government program is entering its third phase. After the safety diagnosis, creating multidisciplinary working groups and analysis of proposals, is being prepared the list of projects to be submitted for Giuliani Security consultancy & Safety.

"This is a government program that aims to reduce crime and bring public peace, using as an essential tool to international consulting doctor Giuliani. It is formatted into four major tools: technology, intelligence, training and integration. We will use these four tools through multidisciplinary groups, ranging prospect data and format projects that improve the performance and service to society ", said.

The general commander of the Military Police, Colonel Claudio Silva, and the general commander of the Fire Department, Colonel Mauro Freire, attended the ceremony and highlighted the advances that the measure represents the two corporations.

All patents met - Promotions Military Police meet all patents. Most of the promotions is for squares, with 1.575 military police. altogether, 67 officers are being contemplated with the career progression. As the command data of the Military Police, an official is being promoted to colonel.

Other benefits - The Amazonino Mendes governor approved this year a stepped adjustment of the base date of the military police, which was not fulfilled since 2015. Besides that, the government adjusted in 100% the food assistance and housing assistance for police officers and firefighters. The aid paid-uniform, no amount of R $ 2.275, for police officers.

The Civil Police, 1.144 delegates, Actuaries, Researchers have been promoted. One hundred delegates were raised to the 3rd class. The government also abolished the 5th grade, benefiting 188 delegates, and made the payment of the last installment of escalation.

In April, promoted salary increase 42% for forensic experts, legislas odontolegistas and experts of the Amazon Scientific Technical Police, they were four years ago without salary improvements.

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