Government reactive Amazonas four Flagrant Centers and is replaced 15 open DIPs 24 hours

the other 15 DIPs of Manaus will have permanent staff and vehicles, after 18h, to demands that need to be forwarded to Flagrant Central.
24/09/2018 14h19 - Updated 24/09/2018 14h19

Four Integrated Police Districts (DIPs) the northern and eastern areas of Manaus, They come to work on Monday (24/09), Flagrant as Central, offering comprehensive care to the population. The announcement was made by the extraordinary secretary of the Security area, Colonel Walter Cruz, no 26⁰ DIP, in the neighborhood Santa Etelvina, North Zone. In this ocasion, the Amazonino Mendes governor visited the police unit, which started to operate 24 hours. The other Flagrant Central today were reactivated: the 4th DIP in Greater Victoria neighborhood, 11° DIP Crowned the neighborhood and 13 ° DIP in Cidade de Deus neighborhood, in east.

Flagrant the Centers work 24 hours, with complete teams of delegates, clerks and researchers. "In this period we are all the integrated security system, We made an effort to terms today 15 police working 24 hours. Unfortunately, last year, there were only six stations open full time. These four who reactivated now work in so-called criminal and stains are a result of preparing the police for 24 Guardiãm program, following guidance received from consulting (Giuliani Security & Safety) to start working technically and scientifically ", Walter Cruz said while highlighting that Flagrant Center in 26⁰ DIP is strategic because this is the unit that recorded the highest number of occurrences in the capital.

The secretary informed, still, the others 15 DIPs Manaus scattered in six areas of the city will function 24 to official reports and registration to rely on vehicles to refer the citizen who needs care in Flagrant Central. "That's progress, It shows that the Government wants to do what is best to serve the population, working in an integrated manner ", Walter Cruz stressed.

The governor Amazonino Mendes recalled that in his last mandate ahead of the Executive left 30 police working with open doors. "There is 15 years, when I was in government, build 30 new police stations and forbid having doors. Why? It is to stay open 24 hours. Then came another governor and sent through gates in police stations. There was a big regression, a brutal loss, advancing a violent crime. Today we are celebrating 15 duty stations. I mean, We move from six to 15. This does not mean we stop here. Let's go to the end of the year we will have the 30 on duty with full staff ", he said Amazonino.

New Flagrant Central and scopes
The DIP 4th Avenue is located in Perimeter, Crossing back as B-9, s/n, Greater Victoria community, neighborhood Gilberto Mestrinho. The new Flagrant Central East Side will suit occurrences of Gilberto Mestrinho neighborhood and communities that integrate, in addition to meeting offenses occurred in the area of ​​28 ° DIP, Colony comprising Antonio Alexis neighborhoods, Puraquequara and their communities, located in those areas of the city.

The 11 ° DIP is located at Beira Rio Avenue, s/n, second stage of the Crowned neighborhood, East zone. This Central Flagrant will meet the three stages of the Crowned neighborhood and occurrences of 29 ° DIP area, understood by Mauazinho neighborhood, also on the east side.

O 13° DIP, situated at Our Lady of Conception, s/n, City of God neighborhood, North Zone, meets the demands of the City of God neighborhood, of Fazendinha and State Park of allotments. Besides the Alliance communities with God, Alfredo Nascimento, Gustavo Nascimento, Our Lady of Conception and joint Braga Mendes, Vila Nova, and second and third step of the assembly Citizen Living Better. As Central Candid shots, 13 ° DIP will meet the occurrences of 27 ° DIP area, covering the New Aleixo neighborhood and assemblies that comprise.

The 26th DIP is located on the street Victoria Regia, s/n, neighborhood Santa Etelvina, north of the capital. The police unit meets the occurrences of the neighborhood Santa Etelvina, Mount of Olives, Housing estates Better Living and Citizen five seven, Blue Lake neighborhood and Communities of Manaus Rural Zone, located to the kilometer 53, State Highway AM - 010.

Specialized police stations that function as Flagrant Central:
Specialized Police in Determination of Acts infractional (Deaai), Judge at Avenida João Machado, Alvorada neighborhood, Central-West;

Specialized Police for Crimes against Women (Decca), at Avenida Mário Ypiranga Monteiro, set Eldorado, Park neighborhood Ten November, Central South area of ​​the city;

Police protection in the Specialized Children and Adolescents (depc), located at Rua 6, Set Bela Vista, Plateau neighborhood, Central-West, also they have service 24h, with delegates, clerks and researchers.

In addition to these, the Specialized Police Theft, Theft and defrauding (Derfd), situated on the street 7 of April, second stage of the Alvorada neighborhood, central-west; The Specialized Police Theft and Robbery of Vehicles (Derfv), the avenue professor Nilton Lins, No 345, Flores neighborhood, center-on area, and Specialized Police on Crimes against Women-Annex (Decca-Anexo), building attached to the DIP 13 °, in the City of God neighborhood, North Zone, work 24 hours for Events Bulletins records.

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