man disfigured by shooting becomes oldest person to receive face transplant in the world

Operação foi feita pela primeira vez no Canadá, segundo a Universidade de Montreal.
15/09/2018 12h45 - Updated 15/09/2018 12h45
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A Canadian 64 years has become the oldest person to undergo a face transplant. Seven years ago, he had a face disfigured by an accidental shot. The operation was the first of its kind in Canada, Maisonneuve-Rosemont done in Hospital and led by renowned plastic surgeon Daniel Borsuk, the University of Montreal.

The operation lasted 30 hours and required the presence of a highly specialized team. More of 100 health professionals collaborated, including doctors, nurses and other staff.

“This delicate operation is the result of years of painstaking work coordinated by an incredible team and also amazing cooperation of the patient and his family”, disse Borsuk.

After taking an accidental shot in the face, the man went to live with constant pain and had to perform five reconstructive surgery. He was forced to live with tracheotomy – an opening for the passage of air into the trachea – and had extreme difficulty breathing, sleep, eating and talking.

face transplants are extremely complex. Since 2005, 40 They were carried out in several countries.

Person younger

Recently, a história da pessoa mais jovem a receber um transplante de rosto foi contada pela revista “National Geographic”.

Katie Stubblefield attempted suicide at 18 years with a head shot. Years later, to 21 years, she participated in an historic surgery that lasted over 30 hours not Ohio State.

The surgery took place at the Cleveland Clinic and, according to the text reporter Joanna Connors, It is still done experimentally. The whole process was documented by doctors and nurses. This was the third face transplant performed by clinical.

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