Researcher BO registered against Wilson Lima fan is now candidate campaigner

Diferente da prática padrão adotada nas delegacias o boletim de ocorrência foi registrado por um investigador amigo do jornalista e não por escrivão.
15/09/2018 12h35 - Updated 17/09/2018 12h58
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Unlike the standard practice adopted in the police incident report (14.E.0161.0000138) made by journalist and Amazon gubernatorial candidate, Wilson Lima (PSC), in the year of 2014 against the young, Ana Sara Oliveira da Silva, who was a minor at the time, It was recorded by the investigator, Geraldo Pereira do Nascimento Filho, who is a friend of the presenter and not a scribe.

The investigator does not hide that is a personal friend of Wilson Lima and exposes this relationship in your social networks. Wilson this campaign to the government of Amazonas, Geraldo Pereira became candidate campaigner.

The fact that Wilson's relationship with a minor record have turned the station specialized in homicide and kidnapping was reported by See the Journal site this Wednesday (12).

They wrapped imbroglio with the journalist decided to tell his version of what happened, in an exclusive interview to a portal site. According to her when they get involved with the presenter had just 14 years and after exchanging messages and phone calls the two ended up in a motel in the area east of Manaus.

Ana Sara also reported that after posting a picture of her and Wilson on his Facebook with the caption "I and my love" the case went wrong and she says she suffered threats from both the presenter as a police investigator curiously identified as Geraldo.

Also according to the young Wilson Lima forced her to pass data from your Facebook account and deleted his profile. “To this day I do not have Facebook account because of this problem”, said.

Asked who would have made the service for the presenter Ana Sara says: “I believe it was through a police investigator, who did this to my account, because before that I was receiving threats by Facebook of an investigator, claiming to be a friend of Wilson Lima, called Geraldo. I only know how Geraldo“.

She also told about the content of threats: “If I did not take the picture, its not erase my account I could cause serious problems for me, It could be attached, could come worse and I never did harm to anyone because it being a connoisseur of the law did not seek to know the truth“.

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