SSP-AM laboratory employs the latest technology in money laundering investigation in the Amazon

The LAB-LD has helped complex investigative work in the Amazon, both the police and from external agencies.
18/09/2018 14h22 - Updated 19/09/2018 13h37
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Coordinated by the Executive Assistant Secretary for Intelligence (Seai), Public Security Bureau (SSP-AM), the Technology Laboratory Against Money Laundering (LAB-LD) It has helped the complex investigative work in the Amazon, both the police and from external agencies, especially in cases of corruption and money laundering. In this year, during operation Banzeiro, carried out by state security forces, R$ 2,2 million in assets and money deposited in a drug faction accounts were identified and blocked with the help of the Laboratory.

The coordinator of the LAB-LD, delegate Marilia Campello, He explained that investigations involving organized crime generate a significant volume of data, hindering the investigation by the police. This is what happens, for example, with the analysis of bank statements or a lot of phone bills.

To support investigations, the Laboratory has software that enables crossings of large volumes of data. "We work with the production of strategic information, granting the requesting police officers more clearly analyze the data in order to subsidize the investigative process ", he said.

The delegate commands a crew formed by researchers and clerks with appropriate training for the work done in LAB-LD. She explains that there are investigations that require accounting knowledge and statistical, but the activities rely on provocation of requesting units.

For the holder of the Specialized Police in Robbery, Theft and defrauding (DERFD), Adriano Felix, LAB-LD is critical in investigations unit, especially when the stolen money is not recovered. "After identifying the criminals, the laboratory is essential to get to the stolen money ", he explained.

The delegate of the Civil Police, Juan Valerius, He explains that in many cases it is necessary to cross data involving "many transactions, thousands of data, several oranges and other devices used to hamper the police work ".

"Who does the analysis of the information to get to the source of values ​​that are being diverted or collected illegally is the Laboratory, both rely on specific software and specialized personnel, streamlining our investigative work ", said Juan Valerio. "If I had to pawn my team without this apparatus and this level of knowledge, We would take much more time to analyze the data ", completed.

The Amazon Laboratory is part of the National Network Technology Laboratories (Network-LAB), established in 2014 and aimed at sharing experiences on the analysis of financial data and detecting the practice of corruption and money laundering, among other crimes.

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