Clean Record law withdraws 173 candidates of the October elections

TSE confirms 27.213 applications, 4% more than in 2014.
24/09/2018 19h43 - Updated 24/09/2018 19h43
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Luiza Damé – Agency Brazil

of 29.101 candidates who requested record, the Electoral Court rejected 1.888, or represents 6,5% do total. According to data available on the website of the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE), 173 Applicants were judged unfit because of the Clean Record Law, including former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, that would dispute the Presidential Palace by PT.

In the absence of requirements for registration – as failing to demonstrate full exercise of political rights, voter registration and party affiliation – It was the main reason for rejection of applications - 75,46% of total orders. Thirteen candidates were considered unfit to contest the abuse of power by elections and five for illegal expenditure of funds.

The Electoral Court confirmed 27.213 applications, growth of 4% about 2014, When 26.162 They contested the general elections - president, governor, senator, Congressman, state and district. So far, 682 candidates resigned and three died.

While the presidential race is the most discussed in the country, election to the Legislative Assembly of the Federal District (CLDF) It is the most disputed: are 40,88 candidates per seat. The Legislature has 24 chairs and presented 981 competitors.

As 26 legislative assemblies have 1.035 chairs and 17.950 candidates, which gives an average 17,34 competing for spot. To the 513 vacancies in the House of Representatives, are 8.595 applicants (16,75 by wave).

Of the total candidates, 13 vie for the presidency, 202 run for governor of 26 states and the Federal District and 358 posit Senate. In this year, are up for grabs two chairs senator by state, totalizing 54 vacancies.

The PSL was the party that launched the largest number of candidates across the country - 1.543, 5,3% do total. In addition to the presidential Jair Bolsonaro, 942 compete for state representative, 488 the Congressman, 24 the district deputy, 22 Senator, 14 the governor, 11 the deputy governor and 41 Sen. alternate.

Following come the PSOL, with 1.347 competitors and the PT, with 1.309 candidates. In addition to the presidential Guilherme Boulos, PSOL launched candidates for governor 25 States. The PT's presidential candidate, Fernando Haddad, and dispute 16 state governments.

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