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Dr. Fred Nicácio, from 31 years, attended elderly in Macabu Conception and made reflection: “By black doctors how many you've ever been served in your life? You will have to wait 74 years equal to Dona Eunice?”.
15/09/2018 12h36 - Updated 15/09/2018 12h36
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A doctor posted the reaction of an elderly patient, for the first time, It had been consulted by a black throughout your life. Dr. Fred William Nicácio, from 31 years, who made the call in a municipal hospital Conception Macabu, the Norte Fluminense, He decided to speak of this meeting on social networks to provoke a reflection on the number of black physicians in Brazil.

“This is the Dona Eunice, and at the height of its 74 years, It was the first time that has been referred by a doctor black. Thank you for giving me this honor, Dona Eunice”, he said in the posting. ⠀⠀⠀

Dr. Fred says that she entered the office with the grandson of 9 years. And he watched in awe.

“She got that little face of admired, who is seeing a lot of special thing, the little eyes came to shine. Was with a restrained smile and then I realized that her face contentment, and I said so: 'All right with you?’. And she said yes, but I wanted to take a picture with me. I said: 'Clear, more that?’. It was found that when it was the first time that was being serviced by a black doctor. Then she won me, I desmanchou, and gave it there”, said Dr. Fred.

Until the morning of Friday (14), the story was already over 22 Tanned thousand and 10 thousand shares. The story, inclusive, It was told in the program Meeting with Fátima Bernardes Friday.

The consultation took place in August. G1 to the doctor said that prejudice exists and expects the posting help change the way people.

“This motivated me to post to this question: by black doctors how many you've ever been served in your life? Will you have to wait 74 years equal to Dona Eunice to be able to be serviced? “, asks Fred William.

The elderly took the grandson of 9 years to be served, which was a reason for joy for Fred William, that is from Goytacazes Fields and socio-social scholarship student of the 6th year of medicine at UNIG, no Campus 5.

“The most amazing this story is that her grandson did not have to wait 74 years to be served by a black doctor”, said the student in the social network.

Dr. Fred said, As a doctor, It plays an important role in the fight against racial prejudice, especially after the exposure of the story on the Internet.

“I assume I have this paper and now even more with this exposure. I have a responsibility to these issues and comes to thrill me know that I am voice, a voice for millions of people. So, this needs to change. I want to be an agent of this change and, by God's will, Will be”, said Fred.

Source: G1

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