Groom faked kidnapping to escape marriage did 'incalculable damage', says delegate

Police found that the bride paid stays and trips to organize the ceremony did not happen.
22/09/2018 16h37 - Updated 22/09/2018 16h37

The sheriff investigating a suspicious lawyer to forge his own kidnapping to escape the marriage claims he gave “incalculable damage” the bride and her family.

The victim, a woman 44 years had not disclosed the identity, registered a police report in São José do Rio Preto (SP) claiming that the groom, Marcelo Henrique Castilho Morato, from 34 years, He had been kidnapped the day before wedding. But, during the investigation, the police found that the kidnapping had been forged by the groom himself, who is on the run.

According to the delegate Jose Luiz Barboza Junior, the couple was known since adolescence, but only began to relate about a month and a half. In this short time the two got engaged and began planning the wedding.

"The bride had incalculable damage, because I spent with stays and air travel to Brasilia, where the wedding would be done. In addition there were many details, as floriculture, buffet, decoration, the cathedral chosen for the ceremony and to transport the family to Brasilia.”

The victim told the police that the groom demanded refinement and sophistication at the ceremony. “He asked finer things, very high value, they were benches for the family of the victim himself.”

peaceful relationship
The delegate said that the bride never suspected he could be the victim of a scam. They tried to buy a house together.

The suspect also claimed to know important people and demonstrated high standard of refinement to spend credibility.

"He called himself an authority with extensive knowledge in the country's dome, but the investigations, It was nothing more than an attempt to trick the victim ", says José Luiz.

According to police, for at least another case of similar swindle in the city also assigned to Marcelo. The case would have happened in 2016, Similarly finished: with the wedding canceled.

"In the first case he had a health problem and consequently there was a city transfer at marriage, but I do not speak the first case because he is under judicial secrecy ", explains the delegate.

Police have no leads on the whereabouts of Marcelo. The report could not get in touch with him.

Source: G1

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