New season of 'Farm’ debut on Tuesday

Reality debut tonight and will Mion as host, Flavia Viana as a reporter and the audience in the game command.
18/09/2018 19h00 - Updated 18/09/2018 19h00

The tenth edition of the reality 'The Farm’ debuts today, at 22.45, the Record. With Marcos Mion in charge, the season promises to frill, confusion and clamor, everything that fans of the program like. A list, not yet officially released, They have loved names by the public and mentioned in social networks. “They are strong personalities, It is the hottest cast we've ever had in all seasons. I think it will give the talk”, ensures director Rodrigo Carelli.

Mion, who will take the position that has been de Britto Junior and Roberto Justus, faces the challenge with joy and believe that the new edition will leave the audience satisfied. One of the bets, inclusive, It is to enjoy the performance of the program on the internet to bring about change throughout the game. “Who watches will not only choose what participants will eat or color of this and that. They will change the real game”, he says.

The winner of the previous edition, Flavia Viana, You will also have an important role when it comes to interactivity. Confirmed as editing reporter, it will lead to the live call on the Internet, You receive guests from other seasons to interview in a studio and still produce reports for TV.

“The farm’ It was a new chance, for me, in all senses. Have come out the winner of the program has changed my life so much the prize, that gave me stability, as the emotional side, because it was there that I started dating Marcelo (Zangrandi)”, she says. “My dream has always been able to show my work and to make this into a reality that was special to me it is amazing”, full.

Mother of Sabrina, from 15 years, also the former BBB won a crowd of fans in Brazil and says that participation in the Record program opened doors to partner with major brands. all this, it ensures that came up the way the exhibition was conducted, even in the fiercest clashes with Mark Harter, which ranked second.

With extensive experience in containment programs, Flavia has this advice for participants who start the journey in search of R $ 1,5 million and says he will give his best here outside. “If I could say one thing to them, that would need to play intensely. When you are inside, it seems that time will never pass, but it goes fast and when you will see already done a year of its participation”, argues.

For her, who is spontaneous is most likely to please the public, that identifies and is entertained throughout the game. That's why the actress appreciates both touch with who watch the show. She believes that this issue, By be connected, It has everything to go down in history.

In addition to the broadcast station 24 in the portal, 'The farm’ It may be accompanied by PayPlus, a streaming platform. “Who rules the reality is the public, that is hungry for information, with willingness to participate more. The internet has dominated, he took over, and a program like this could not let it out”, assures her, which also gives good forward to the arrival of Mion.

“I recorded the heats of 'Farm’ with him and I think the Mion is an excellent communicator. I'm sure it will give a new face to the program because Mion has a different and direct way of dealing with the public, it is good friend even, people like that”, values.

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