Prison black model car theft and designer jewelry mobilizes social networks: 'I was not in the act’

Barbara Querino mobilizes social network, citing racism and asks for her freedom; victims recognized by the curly hair. Condemned claims that photographing the coast on crime.
15/09/2018 13h12 - Updated 15/09/2018 13h16
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I was not in the act”, writes Barbara Querino model, from 20 years, one of the letters sent to a friend to deny the accusation of belonging to the armed gang that, in the afternoon 10 September 2017, stole a luxury car and jewelry in an exclusive neighborhood in the south of São Paulo

prey from 16 January this year in Franco da Rocha, in São Paulo, Babiy, as Barbara professionally presents, generated commotion in social networks, especially among the black movement. Internet users demand the freedom of young black believing that she is the victim of racial prejudice.

A model claims to be innocent. He says he was working, going through a photo shoot and filming in Guaruja, on the coast, the same day and time of the crime occurred in the capital

"I was in Guaruja. I was recording video ", Barbara defended in court hearing in May 2018. In addition to modeling, she is a dancer and promoter of events.

To try to prove his alibi, she presented photos, Videos where it appears in a bikini and shorts alongside other models. The pictures posted on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp with the same date as the day of the crime were attached to the process.

Girls also testified in his favor saying they were with her on the coast, a 85 km away from the capital, at the time of theft.

But the Justice cast doubt on the authenticity of these images and the veracity of the statements, e, no last day 10 August 2018, She decided to keep her prey. Babiy was sentenced to five years and four months in prison for armed robbery.

"What is also seen in the documentary evidence is the same inaccuracy, because it can not extract any day and time of posting joined messages, from messaging Barbara, when it was mentioned in the municipality ", Klaus wrote Marouelli Arroyo judge in the sentence that condemned.

What we see in Meridian reading the narratives of those witnesses, the uncertainty as to the dates and times in which Barbara would be on the coast, accompanied third”, retorted the magistrate.

Thus, meets has failed to discharge note, the burden that it was him, which is, thoroughly check the alibi invoked”, the judge sentenced.


But in social networks, Barbara the supporters understand that she was ordered without proof because the victims recognized the model because of curly hair. The recognition took place two months after the crime.

According to supporters, another girl, like Babiy, He was with the group that stole the Honda Civic in the light of Beltis Street, in Jardim Marajoara.

In the vehicle, the band took wallets and purses of Gucci and Prada, Navette rings and emerald, alliances H.Stern, Chanel sunglasses, Suunto watch, mobile phones and bank cards. Victims of assault, a couple with a small daughter, They were not hurt.

All for Freedom of Babiy Querino. Young unfairly arrested on black 16/01”, informs presentation text of #todosporbabiy community on Facebook.

The page was created by the social worker Mayara Alves Vieira, from 23, friendly model, who referred to G1 some of the letters he received from Barbara.

"They were denied two HCs [Habeas Corpus, Applications for freedom to Justice] with evidence that I was not in the act ", Babiy regrets in a letter dated 23 April this year for Mayara.

"The issue of Barbara's arrest is the same racism. How do you recognize someone by the hair, stature and dark?”, asks Mayara to report on how the victims made the recognition of the model.

Until the publication of this report the page that asks for freedom to Babiy had over 6 thousand followers.

Young is accused of assault. Victim to 'recognize' the hair, admitted to not having that security. It presents evidence that he was working in another city (including images)”, posted a netizen.

The Brazilian judiciary is rotten, corrupted, classical and racist!”, He wrote another person in the community.

Brothers and cousin arrested

Besides Barbara, her brother, Wesley de Oliveira Victor Querino, 19 years, and their cousin, William Wagner Paula da Silva, from 24, also they arrested and were sentenced for the same offense committed in 10 September 2017. The two were also recognized by the victims photos.

Of the three arrested, Wesley just confessed stealing the Honda Civic. he cleared, however, Barbara and William, who had denied having participated in the assault. He further claimed that the sister and cousin were not part of the group that took the car and the family's belongings.

According to the couple robbed, the vehicle had insurance, but other belongings, no. “Victims estimate the total loss of R $ 170 one thousand”, says passage of the police report of the registered case in the Civil Police. They further claimed that the goods were not recovered.

Victims report that the action was very fast and have no more information about the authors”, remains the official record of theft, when not on details or more characteristics of the bandits, Apart from that were "five unknown”, do “male"And skin"parda”.


Recognizing Barbara, Wesley and William as criminals who participated in the theft 10 September last year occurred after they are arrested by the military police (PM) almost two months after, in 4 November 2017.

The brothers and cousin, four others, and Renato Willian Souza Santos, 22, and Felipe Francisco Pereira, 27, and two girls, They were taken from the community where they lived, in Cidade Ademar, Zona Sul, to a police station on suspicion of participating in the theft of three cars that day.

a BMW, an Audi and Nissan had been stolen from their owners. Them were Montblanc wallet, glasses, cell, laptop, Luxury Tag Heuer, alliance, Golden jewels, products, added, They amounted to the value of more than R $ 320 one thousand, according to the police record of the case.

The owners of the vehicles were the police station and recognized Wesley, William, Renato and Felipe. Barbara and the other two girls were not recognized and eventually released.

Before, however, police had taken pictures of her, girls, brother, Cousin and the two guys at the station. The images just shared on particular groups of WhatsApp with the message so that residents who recognize them for crimes in Marajoara neighborhood were the 99th Police District (DP), Campo Grande, for the "establishment of a police investigation".

In November last year, a delegate unidentified would have shown the photos to the owner couple's Honda Civic that had been stolen. The police would live in the same condominium victims.

According to the MP's complaint, the couple went to the 99th DP 7 November 2017 and recognized by Wesley photos, William and Barbara as members of the gang who stole his Honda Civic.

"Slim, dark color hair, Long curly, dark eyes, height approximately 1.68M, appearing between the ages of 18 a 20 years", the couple said, that after seeing pictures of people with the same characteristics, "Reported recognize, without a doubt, a photograph of Barbara Querino de Oliveira (…) as the individual (what) He addressed the declarant the passenger side, which also subtracted your belongings ".

And with 100% certainly, It is the person who was coordinating the local, along with Wesley”, said the woman driver on the participation of Barbara in crime.

In 29 May this year, during a hearing in court, the owner of the Honda Civic was heard again about the criminals who robbed.

I see about five people, short stature to”, the man said to the judge. “An armed pointing the gun at glass” e “I think there were two girls and three boys, I found until they were smaller”.

Asked by the defense if Barbara watched for criminals during the robbery, the driver replied that "not, even because, in the situation I was the guy who had to lie staring at the floor ".

nevertheless, the victim said that it was possible to see them for a few seconds. “Sim, I could not look much, I do not remember in full, I remember faces that marked a little more”.

Asked by the judge about Barbara, the man said "I remember her”, what, according to him, “I was following" the bad guys.

But asked by the defense if "It is convinced that recognition did"Of criminals, man responds "no, I have not seen the”.

Also heard by the Court in May this year, the driver's wife was more exhaustive: “Never forget the faces of the robbers, even after two months”.

For the prosecution, the main evidence that the trio participated in the crime was recognition for the victims of it, even almost done 60 days after the assault.

Two other suspects arrested for the crime, Renato and Felipe were not recognized by the victims.

As they also denied stealing, Justice absolved. nevertheless, they would still be arrested for involvement in another robbery vehicle, no dia 26 September 2017, Barbara which is also being accused of having participated.

The three were recognized for other victims in this process, which is still pending. Mayara mind that the friend was at home, taking care of younger siblings on what happened that another assault.

What they say

The G1não could talk to Barbara or your family. The report also did not find the company Nytmodel, which would be responsible for promoting the meeting templates in Guaruja in September 2017, for comment.

The defenses of the accused were not found to give the release of prisoners.

sought, the advice of the Court of Justice (TJ) replied that “is silent on jurisdictional issues. The processes are analyzed, case by case, based on the evidence and documents attached to the file, respecting the independence of judges.”

“When there is no secrecy in the process of adjudication, the same is available for consultation for the information of movements and decisions, which are subject to appeal to a higher court by the parties”, It ends the TJ through note.

questioned, the press office of the Public Security Secretariat(SSP) who informed “Civil police investigated the case and witnesses and forensic evidence were attached to the survey, it was reported. The subsequent analysis and judgment to fit Judiciary. The institution says no records on any information about any photographs leaks”.

“The alleged facts cited the report and any report about any irregularity committed by police must be formalized to the internal affairs of civil and military police”, ends the Security folder Note.

wanted, the Prosecutors reported, through communication of the prosecution, they would not speak.

"William stood in front of the car, pointing them to a firearm. Wesley approached the woman, forcing her to hand them their belongings. And Barbara, who had been with the robbers all the time, giving them coverage, He rode in the car and fled with them, taking with him all that was in the vehicle ", even wrote Fábio José Bueno promoter in the complaint against Barbara, his brother and cousin.

Barbara is the eldest of six brothers and helped her mother with the household expenses. Studied through high school and earned R $ 1.200 a R$ 2 thousand a month modeling or dancing.

she completed 20 years on 3 February this year, already held. Between tears and longing expressed in letters, the model expresses his hopes of trying to prove his innocence in the phrase "black is power! (something like black is power, a free translation from English to Portuguese)”.

Source: G1

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