Professor of municipal develops application to the teaching of mathematics

The application works owned by the commutative and associative adding, utilizando raciocínio lógico e matemático.
21/09/2018 17h37 - Updated 21/09/2018 17h37

Seeking to encourage the use of technological resources in teaching and learning process of the students in the schools of Manaus City Hall, math teacher, Ramina Samoa Silva Camargo, conceived and developed the application Numeric Triangle (TN), to work the discipline of education in the municipal school system. In the days 18 e 19/10, the application will appear in the Week of Science and Technology (Sect), will happen in the Federal University of Amazonas (I trust).

The construction application, which was developed by Unit 3D platform for Android platform and the C # language, It began in March 2017 and it started to be used at the end of last year, about 150 students, the 6th and 7th year, in the Telecentre at the Municipal School Graziela Ribeiro, the Green Lake neighborhood, area south of the city.

The application works owned by the commutative and associative adding, using logical and mathematical reasoning and remains enhanced, Today being with 16 sequences of even numbers, odd, positive and negative, and the new update process.

With 17 years of teaching in the municipal school system, passing a number of units, the teacher had the guidance of computing engineer, Perseus Andrade Farias, for the development of the device.

currently, the teacher uses the application with approximately 85 8th graders of elementary school, Municipal School Agenor Ferreira Lima, the Zumbi neighborhood, East zone, and stressed the importance of the resource for learning, using new technologies.

"Lately, our students are already in the new digital era, they are concentrated when working with it. The visual draws more attention than a simple class expository, therefore, I believe that this practice should be used ", commented.

The teacher explains that the application use has increased motivation and student learning. "I believe that students begin to engage better in practice, in math activities. This will help, not only in the digital issue, but in simple notebook and book activities. It has to be a set of diverse activities to achieve learning ", disse Ramina Silva.

The application should be available by the end of the year in the Google Play Store, so that everyone can have access to the tool and, thereby, perform a different job, stimulating logical thinking student, the development of the discipline operations and their properties ", highlighted.

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