Supreme determines arrest of Senator Acir Gurgacz

Senador concorre ao governo do estado de Rondônia nas eleições de outubro.
25/09/2018 18h34 - Updated 25/09/2018 18h34

André Richter - Brazil Agency

The First Chamber of the Supreme Court (STF) decided today (25) determine the immediate arrest of Senator Acir Gurgacz (PDT-RO) the practice of crimes against the national financial system. Senator running for Rondônia state government in October elections.

By rejecting, this afternoon, the appeal filed by the defense of parliamentary, the college determined the commencement of the sentencing 4 years and 6 months imprisonment in semi-open regime, as it was established by the Panel to condemn the senator in February. The arrest warrant should be issued only after the elections. The defense senator said it would appeal the decision.

With the Supreme Court decision, it will be up to the Senate to decide whether the parliamentary mandate will be revoked or could remain in office.

Gurgacz was found guilty of diverting resources from funding obtained from the Banco da Amazônia, between the years 2003 e 2004, when the senator was director of road company Eucatur.

According to the complaint lodged by the Public Prosecutor's Office (MPF), Gurgacz obtained, by document fraud and improper dispensing guarantees, a loan of R $ 1,5 million for the renewal of the company's bus fleet.

The money, however, It was not used for the purchase of new vehicles, as established no contract, but only in part for the purchase of refurbished old vehicles, over 11 years of use, says the complaint. About R $ 510 thousand have been pocketed by Senator own, presented false invoices to cover up the diversion.

Candidate for governor
Candidate for the government of Rondônia, Gurgaz had the record rejected by the Regional Electoral Court, because of the Clean Record Law, but he appealed the decision of the Electoral Justice. Its situation at the moment is apt candidate with registration dismissed using, therefore he is entitled to be voted at the voting machine, but is awaiting judgment of his case.

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