Toffoli takes office today as president of the Supreme Court

Minister is known to avoid controversy and have tone peacemaker
13/09/2018 09h53 - Updated 13/09/2018 19h59
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Minister of the Supreme Court (STF) Dias Toffoli takes office today (13) as president of the Court. The inauguration ceremony will be at 17h, the Supreme plenary. The minister will be in office for the next two years. He will succeed Carmen Lucia.

Toffoli has 50 years and was appointed to the Supreme Court, in 2009, by President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Before reaching the Supreme, the minister was Advocate General of the Union and advocate of electoral campaigns of the PT.

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The minister is known to avoid controversy and to have a pacifying tone in their decisions. According to colleagues of the Court, the new president will work on the administrative management of the Judiciary, through the National Council of Justice (CNJ), body that also will command.

FRom next week, Toffoli command the first sessions of the Court. were only guided actions that address environmental licensing and unconstitutional actions against state laws.

The expectation is that controversial guidelines are not judged before the October elections. According to close associates, the court should not judge again the authorization for the execution of criminal convictions, a fact that is defended by lawyers convicted in Operation Lava Jet.

For the Minister Gilmar Mendes, one of the members of the Court who gave early support when Toffoli came to STF, the new president will continue the public policies of the Judiciary.

"I have good expectations. The Toffoli minister is very focused on the issue of management, She devoted to this in the AGU and also in the TSE, It has an organized office, I think it will make a good management, not so much as Supreme CNJ. Somehow I think for the Judiciary, the administrative vision, CNJ is even more important than the Supreme, because it deals with judicial policies, Legal regulations define as a whole, does priorities, therefore, I find it important to have a good manager ahead of CNJ to continue the policies that has been developing ", said Mendes.

In the latest statement released late last year, Toffoli who informed, in 8 years, reduced the wealth of his office in 77%. When we reached the Supreme, the minister was about 11 thousand cases in its collection. currently, there are about 2 one thousand.

Source: Agency Brazil

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