Wilson Lima says he did not ask RG or CPF fan who dined with him and turned police case

Case involving the candidate turned record at the police station specialized in murders and kidnappings.
13/09/2018 19h43 - Updated 14/09/2018 12h57
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Natan Gaia – AM POST Writing

The alleged case of the candidate to the Amazonas government, Wilson Lima (PSC), with a minor has passed a lot since Wednesday (12) when magazine column radar See, written by journalist Mauricio Lima, It brought to light the fact that turned record at the police station specialized in murders and kidnappings.

According to Radar, Wilson has opened in his name a police report (WILL) the year 2014 that claims to have been persuaded to dinner with a fan and the next day the same would have posted pictures of the two social networks claiming to be his wife.

The report of the AM Portal POST contacted the applicant's counsel did not deny that the information in the column.

no day 07 from May of 2014, journalist Wilson Lima recorded the police report (14.E.0161.0000138) by injury, a nearby police station to his home. Second or document, he went out to dinner with a fan. After the only meeting, the girl began to make posts on social networks, claiming to be the wife of Lima. The fan also stated work on two television networks, one of them was the site of Wilson Lima work“, He said in a statement.

Asked about the fact that the girl was underage or not, Wilson advice showed exclusively the AM POST not entered on this issue in the press statement issued by him stating that it it was “one made lady” and saw no need to ask for your ID and CPF during the meeting.

The candidate's staff also states that inquired about what actually happened that night and he would have declared that nothing but a dinner and a photo.

Stop the ALE-AM
Deputy Sabá Reis (PR) We made an inquiry about the case early on Thursday (13) the tribune of the Legislative Assembly of the State (OF-AM). "I have a curiosity. It says here that Wilson was invited by a girl 14 years for a dinner. The question I ask is whether it 'dined' was the girl ", said.

Sheba Kings also revealed that received in his office a police delegate, who declined to be identified, to talk about the fact.

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