Interview Amazonino TV Band Amazonas after Wilson Lima give up debate

Strikethrough inexperienced in all discussions of the first round and proven unbeknown to some questions the PSC candidate decided not to participate in this.
18/10/2018 21h46 - Updated 19/10/2018 12h40
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The gubernatorial candidate by the coalition "I Vote in the Amazon", Amazonino Mendes (PDT), He attended the debate late on Thursday (18), TV Band Amazon, but just had to give an interview 30 minutes because his opponent in the election candidate, Wilson Lima (PSC), He gave up face it.

Wilson Lima asked the Electoral Court to cancel the debate eight days after its representatives sign a minutes in confirming the presence and agree to the rules.

Strikethrough inexperienced in all the first round debates and proven without knowledge needed to answer some basic questions about the functioning of the State PSC candidate preferred to avoid shame in this new phase of the election and gave up the clash with his opponent claiming that the rules of debate not they are clear.

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Posted by Amazonino Mendes on Thursday, October 18, 2018

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