Amazonino: 'I will not pay compensation to the factions'

Governador lamentou a provocação para que o estado indenize as famílias dos presos.
16/10/2018 20h41 - Updated 16/10/2018 20h41
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The gubernatorial candidate by the coalition "I Vote in the Amazon", Amazonino Mendes (PDT), said, on Tuesday (16/10), in an interview with Portal G1 Amazon, You will not pay compensation to the families of 54 prisoners who were killed in a fight between criminal factions, in what became known as the massacre Penitentiary Anísio Jobim (Compaj), In Manaus, in January 2017.

"If dies a serious family man, worker there on the street, Who will compensate his family? Who will take care of his son? Now, dealer dies, bandit dies, inside the prison and we will have to pay? I do not accept", said, when asked about how to treat it, if re-elected governor of the state.

Amazonino deplored the provocation for the state to indemnify the families of prisoners. "And I know that this was touted, industrialized, stimulated, the running mate of my opponents (Carlos Alberto Almeida Filho – PRTB). It scares me too. You will have a deputy governor that supports bandit? That bandit help? I do not know where we are. We are struggling to contain both the criminal impetus ", said the candidate.

According Amazonino, while for governor, follow using the judicial decisions that determine the payment of R $ 50 thousand families of the criminals who killed. "I can not afford it. What we do with our citizen, honest who is murdered? What do we do with his family? Now, we will pay factional fights within the prison? Where you saw it?”, he said Amazonino.

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