Bible Haddad received gift is found in the trash and revolt Christians

André Fernandes, elected state deputy for Ceará, released a video telling that the Bible had been found in the plaza floor.
22/10/2018 11h57 - Updated 22/10/2018 14h36
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It was found in the trash the Holy Bible, given the present presidential PT, Fernando Haddad, by an evangelical voter during rally in Fortaleza on Saturday, 20. The news left Christians angered by the lack of respect for the religious book.

State Representative, André Fernandes, elected by Ceará, released a video telling the Bible was found in the pavement of the square where the rally took place and showed video voter delivering this to the candidate.

To prove that it is the same Bible delivered to PT André Fernandes showed the video dedication voter who presented Haddad, identified as Erineudo, they say evangelical Assembly of God and president of EC-Acarape municipality PT. "Look what was found here in Ferreira Square floor, the same Bible he received from this and before you say it's a lie is here the dedication”, said.

The Candidate PT the presidency was justified saying that the Bible was stolen along with the cell phone of one of his aides during act in Fortaleza, but not convinced Christian voters.

Watch the video:

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