Bolsonaro admits he can let go of the discussions with Haddad for strategy

The candidate would not participate in debates and public agendas campaign until the day 18 for medical advice.
12/10/2018 10h54 - Updated 12/10/2018 16h12

The candidate to the Presidency by PSL, Jair Bolsonaro,He admitted on Thursday, 11, que considera a possibilidade de não participar de debates com o opositor Fernando Haddad, PT.

"There is a possibility yes strategic (not going to debate)”, He said during a press conference. Bolsonaro would not participate in debates and public agendas campaign until the day 18 for medical advice. according ratings, he still has anemia in attack suffered by reason 6 of September.

They were scheduled a debate on Thursday, 11, TV Bandeirantes, Sunday, TV Gazeta and on Monday, SBT. All were canceled by organizers. Other debates are still marked.

This Thursday, 11, Bolsonaro caused the opponent. "Haddad is challenging me: I want you to say what you did for 28 years in Parliament. I will answer now: I did not steal anyone, Haddad”, said. He continued: "as president, would you accept that organized crime continue being commanded from inside the prisons?”.

In an interview with CBN radio on Thursday, 11, Bolsonaro joked the possibility to participate in debates with Haddad. "It's no use debating with someone who is not who will indicate the ministers. No use discussing with a ventriloquist Lula ", he said. "What is the authenticity of Haddad?”, questioned.

The captain of the reserve, the ministry to be mounted on a possible Haddad government will be indicated by Lula. "From my side has humility, without the tit-for-tat ", said.


The candidate also said the PSL had recommended neutrality to fellow party members in the election for governor of São Paulo. He said he spoke yesterday by phone with the PSDB candidate, John Doria.

"I will not put my spoon in party problems", said Bolsonaro. "I recommended, I'm not captain this time, neutrality. If Joice want to support one or the other. We do not want memberships to the other side. after all, this is not the DNA ", complemented.

Bolsonaro complained of attacks that received the toucan opponent in the first round, Geraldo Alckmin, and an alleged support of former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso (PSDB-SP) the candidate of the PT, Fernando Haddad. "Once again Fernando Henrique Cardoso said, in the second round having, PT would vote no ", said.

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