Bolsonaro holds leading by a wide margin in the second round, points Ibope

Candidate PSL opens 18 point lead from the first round, accomplished 7 of October, says research.
15/10/2018 18h34 - Updated 16/10/2018 11h00
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Less than two weeks into the second round of presidential election, the candidate of PSL, Jair Bolsonaro, has 59% of the vote, Against 41% PT's Fernando Haddad, according to a survey Ibope / State / TV Globo reported on Monday, 15.

The calculation considers only the valid votes, that is, exclude null, white and undecided. Taking into account the total electorate, Bolsonaro leads by 52% a 37%. there are still 9% arranged to cancel or vote blank, e 2% that no answer.

Bolsonaro opened 18 percentage-point lead in the votes from the first round, made no dia 7, when he got ahead of main rival for 46% a 29%.

In addition to asking respondents who their preferred candidate, Ibope sought to measure the potential for vote of each of the competitors. After quoting the name of each candidate, the interviewers asked the voters to vote for each surely, if they could vote or not vote at all.

Bolsonaro is what has most convinced supporters: 41% They would vote for sure, e 35% would not vote at all. Haddad is what has the highest rejection: 47% not choose in any circumstances, e 28% manifest sure to choose.

The Ibope heard 2.506 voters in the days 13 e 14 of October. The margin of error is two percentage points more or less, and the confidence interval is 95%. This means that there are likely to 95% the results portray the current election time, considering the margin of error. The record in the Electoral Court was made under No. BR protocol-01112/2018. The contractors were the state and TV Globo.

Source: Estadão

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