Bolsonaro asks right of reply against Haddad for electioneering

According to defense Bolsonaro, the PT used lines of Bolsonaro out of context and turned on the incidents of violence that occurred after the first round of presidential election.
14/10/2018 12h02 - Updated 15/10/2018 10h48
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The campaign Jair Bolsonaro presidential candidate has filed two requests for response advertisements against his adversary Fernando Haddad (PT). The shares were presented to the TSE (Superior Electoral Court) Saturday night (13).

According to defense Bolsonaro, the PT used lines of Bolsonaro out of context and turned on the incidents of violence that occurred after the first round of presidential election. The report sought to defend Haddad campaign, who said he will manifest only in the process.

In one of the actions, PSL candidate's appointment to the propaganda that says PT, “in the last days, multiplied attacks and even murder motivated by hatred of some candidate's followers Jair Bolsonaro”. It is mentioned, So, the case of a dead capoeira stabbing in Bahia is also cited the case of a young man who had a swastika made with knife in your body in Rio Grande do Sul.

According to the defense, the Haddad campaign “tries to pass the voters the idea that the candidate would be responsible, or, no minimum, expressed sympathy for some crimes, in theory, They have political nature, which is known to be untrue”. According to lawyers, the cases cited “They did not happen exactly like
media is propagating”.

They mention an interview in which the killer capoeirista says the reason for the fight was not political, but “uttered offenses” the victim. “About the girl 19 years, allegedly attacked by 'neo-Nazi’ in Porto Alegre, who drew him with a swastika knife, there are also doubts about the
veracity of the victim's narrative”. Defense mentions a BBC report that Brazil indicate contradictions in the victim's testimony.

“E, even if it is true, she was, indeed, attacked by three men, there is no evidence that this had occurred at the behest, collusion or, or under the influence candidate”, says defense. The lawyers also cite a Bolsonaro message on Twitter saying that dispenses “the vote and any approach of those who practice violence against voters who do not vote on it”. For lawyers, advertisements “create emotional states of fear, of dread, of insecurity”.

“All this only demonstrates the lack of preparation and the despair of the represented [Haddad campaign], They are seeking to belittle the opponent and dodge the voter”. In addition to the right of reply, Bolsonaro asks that the campaign of the PT indicate the source of your information.

In another application, the defense of the PSL candidate complains about the Haddad propaganda have said Bolsonaro “He voted against the poorest, against the rights of workers, against the law that protects people with disabilities, against
rights of domestic workers, against the 'Bolsa Familia”.

Lawyers accuse Haddad campaign using the speech Bolsonaro out of context, doing “assembly and trickery, distorting the words of

“The conveyed advertising seeks to put the candidate taint of someone who is against the poor, charging him discriminatory conduct and encouraging class hatred”. The action linked to cases of violence is under the judge's responsibility to aid Sergio Silveira Baths. Already the representation about the speech Bolsonaro will be analyzed by the auxiliary judge Carlos Bastide Horbach. magistrates, now, They will make room for the defense of Haddad campaign to manifest.

Source: UOL News

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