Hairdresser simulates kidnapping to travel with lover who met on Facebook and is indicted

Woman had been missing since she left to attend a beauty course. She told police she had the idea to put together a fake kidnapping to justify the 'absence’ her husband.
22/10/2018 17h51 - Updated 22/10/2018 17h51
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An alleged disappearance of a hairdresser, investigated by the Combat Management Organized Crime (JLC), Civil Police of Mato Grosso, It was solved on Monday (22), in Cuiaba.

According to the Civil Police, Alline Figueiredo da Cruz, from 28, years, it was considered missing since last Wednesday (17), He faked a kidnapping to stay with her lover, Marcelo de Souza Arruda. They met at Facebook.

Alline was found on Sunday (21) saying it was kidnap victim. However, in a statement to police, Alline confessed that simulated the disappearance to stay with Marcelo.

The police, she explained that she had the idea of ​​inventing the kidnapping to justify her absence her husband. The couple traveled to a farm in the district of Mimoso, in Santo Antônio do Leverger, a 35 km from Cuiabá.

According to GCCO, Alline and Marcelo were charged on Monday for false reporting crime.

Investigations showed they set up a fictional version of a kidnapping that had occurred in the city Várzea Grande, metropolitan region of Cuiabá.

Or case
Alline family reported the disappearance on Thursday (18) reporting that the last time he had been seen was on Wednesday night. at that time, she told her husband she was going to a mall in Varzea Grande to attend a course in the area of ​​aesthetics and beauty.

Since the communication of the alleged disappearance, the police was searching the hairdresser. Some relatives of the young man came to receive phone calls on the day after disappearance, where a man identified himself as a kidnapper.

The alleged kidnapper would have passed instructions to the police were not communicated anything, Alline otherwise would be killed.

Throughout the weekend the GCCO heard testimony and investigated lanes alleged kidnapping. The Official Skill and Identification Technique (Politec) has expertise in the car of the woman who was found abandoned near the Fernando Corrêa Avenue, in capital.

On Sunday night, Alline asked for help from the military police. She reported being rendered by three armed criminals who forced her to follow up with them in another car, It is kept locked in the room of a residence for four days.

Second woman reporting, the alleged criminals would have released only on Sunday, on Highway Immigrant.

Contrary to Alline explained, Witnesses told police they saw her drinking beer in a bar, accompanied by a man.

In testimony at the police station, Alline confessed he was during the four days Marcelo company, We met through Facebook about a month ago.

She stated that on Wednesday night would have ingested too much alcohol, causing him to lose the time to return home.

The next day, she claimed to have had the idea of ​​setting up a fake kidnapping to justify their 'absence’ her husband.

Alline and Marcelo went to a farm in Mimoso, where they remained until Saturday afternoon (20). The property is Marcelo's father.

She admitted that she bought a chip that was made contact with the family through kidnapper. The connection was made by Marcelo.

The woman also detailed that tore his own clothes before police assistance. Marcelo is still being heard in GCCO.

Even as the police. Marcelo would have tried to avoid the situation, alerting Alline to simulate an abduction was a serious thing.

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