David Almeida search in the Supreme Court judgment on annulment 17 thousand additional servers

According to him the extraordinary appeal issued by Aleam and PGE-AM is the Supreme Court's agenda for trial on Thursday (25).
22/10/2018 13h42 - Updated 22/10/2018 17h16
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The president of the Amazonas State Legislature, Mr David Almeida (PSB), said he is going to Brasilia, this Wednesday (27), meet with the President of the Supreme Court (STF), José Antonio Dias Toffoli, ask the minister to postpone the trial of an extraordinary appeal, which can lead to the dismissal of more than 17 thousand civil servants, the system further, and the loss of pension rights, even all of them having contributed over 30 years for pension.

According to David, the extraordinary appeal issued by Aleam and Amazonas State Attorney General (Intoxicated-general), who is the rapporteur Minister Celso de Melo, is the Supreme Court's agenda for trial on Thursday (25). "At the hearing granted to the Board vice-president of the State of Amazonas Court of Auditors (TCE-AM), Mario Melo, we will ask for postponement. We are in election week and this is the problem that will worsen, including the effects of this judgment can backdate up on retirees ", said.

In 2014, the Supreme Court denied the appeal PGE-AM and the Legislative Assembly, I am trying to change the decision the law effected, without tenders, in December 2000, only in the executive branch, 10.046 temporary servers. In season, unanimously, the Panel dismissed the regimental grievances, under the rapporteur's vote.

The additional server framework comes from those who began working in the State of 1984 e 1988, divided between the Executive, the Legislative and the Judiciary. Only the state government, according to David are 10.046 officials. The tribune of the Assembly he presented a list of 76 the legislative servers, of this total, 51 They are active and the other retired.

"Look at the complexity of this judgment. Look at the problem that the Amazon will face. These people passed 30 years contributing to the state pension system. And if they lose the right to remain as civil servants, They will lose the right to their pensions. Look at the problem we are facing ", commented David.

The parliamentarian noted that at that time, all are concerned only with Election Day 28 and leaving out key issues for the State. "I have warned here, that in January, the elected or reelected will have to start paying 10% on average the increase in health, safety, education and facing a personnel cost which is already abeira the maximum limit Fiscal Responsibility Law. I am warning everyone that also, On thursday (25), shortly after the anniversary of Manaus, will this hearing in the Supreme Court that can change the lives of 17 thousand families. Most of these servers are the Susam and Seduc ", pointed.

David noted that, the State of Minas Gerais experienced a similar problem, with 73 thousand servers, and they made a judgment reversing the effects. "That's what we want to do. Put off. Give a deadline for the next governor to retire those already in process. What these people do not lose their rights to a life serving the State, contributing to security. There are many possibilities we are able to work so that these servers do not have this prejudice that is causing disorder in the lives of many people ", David stressed.

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