It is difficult to set up as a crime case Bolsonaro, says the source MP

If reported by the Folha de S.Paulo newspaper shows that companies bought shots packages mass messages against the PT in WhatsApp.
19/10/2018 18h18 - Updated 19/10/2018 18h18
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It is difficult to set up, until now, a possible offense carrying plate of the challenge led by PSL candidate, Jair Bolsonaro, in the case reported by companies S.Paulo newspaper Folha buying shots packages mass messages against the PT in WhatsApp, He told Reuters on Thursday a source in the prosecutor with extensive experience in social networks.

The source, who asked not to be identified, He said it takes, Apart from the evidence where the companies operate in favor of a candidate, demonstrate the direct link of who acted that way and the benefit campaign.

Report published in Folha on Thursday reports that business owners have funded the purchase of distribution messages against PT by Whatsapp, in a practice that is called shooting package bulk messages, and they were preparing an operation next week, before the second round.

The source of the MP said that "technically" does not consider the transfer of information by WhatsApp content boosting. For him, the logic is sending information via marketing. this practice, said, It is more common with the use of Facebook and Twitter, social networks that influence the US elections and the Brexit.

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