Businessman attacking sports presenter: 'Harassed and hit girl 15 years’

player agent Corinthians video recorded against former player.
22/10/2018 17h36 - Updated 22/10/2018 17h36
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The mood was tense between the entrepreneur Player Pedrinho, Corinthians, and presenter of Bandeirantes, grandson. Will Dantas attacked the former soccer player in video posted on Instagram. The agent's action took place because of the criticism that the Corinthians idol made after Dantas Will say that the revelation of the cycle had ended in the São Paulo club.

“It got a video of this sucker is called ace Neto. You were a fat ridiculous. No club in Europe was interested in you, It has always been a waste, one month…, ab…. Since you have nothing to talk, Girl tells the story of 15 years you've been harassing in Maresias, she wanted nothing and you beat her”, detonated.

The Pedrinho agent still made heavier criticism of the presenter and threatened to reveal alleged events Neto's life.

“Every time you speak my name or the name of any player in my television pejoratively, I will tell a story here about you, I start by Maresias and maybe even the Hotel Samoa 20 years ago, I'm not a kid, I am not a coward, I have the tail stuck with anyone and above all I am human and very well connected, so, think very carefully before weaving derogatory comments about me or any athlete my, the talk is straight and is given!”, said.

Source: O Dia

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