Heats Up Manaus Ox starts on Thursday in Ponta Negra

The artists who are already confirmed in the Boi Manaus 2018 They will also be part of the party.
15/10/2018 17h45 - Updated 15/10/2018 17h45
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officially opening the program of celebration of Manaus Prefecture of 349 city, this Thursday, 18/10, start "Heats Boi Manaus", Amphitheatre in Ponta Negra, West zone. On the stage, five singers and two groups will contest three vacancies for presentation in the trios "Boi Manaus in 2018". The artists who are already confirmed in the Boi Manaus 2018 They will also be part of the party.

In the two days of the "Heats", the party will start at 19h and will end at 22:30. On thursday, the opening will be made by the artists already on Boi Manaus. at 19:30, start the presentations of the candidates running for posts. The Kamayurá Group will be the first to present. Then, at 20h, Neto Ribeiro; 20.30, Edmundo and Oran, ending the night, the other attractions of the first day of the Boi Manaus.

Already on Friday, 19/10, Kuarup the group will be the first to present, 19h. at 19:30, Paulinho Vianna lead the show, at 20h, Marcia New, and at 20:30, Jardell Bentes, all job applicants. O “heats” end with the show of invited artists will be attraction of the second night of the Boi Manaus.

This year, five new attractions and the two groups that went to the demise in 2017 They are vying for the three vacancies for the Boi Manaus 2018. Each candidate will 20 minute presentation at the Amphitheater Stage. They will be evaluated by a technical committee formed by: Cid Soares, Sidney Rezende, Ney Amazonas and José Cardoso.

During their presentations will be judged: repertoire, costumes, vocal technique and stage design. The three best evaluated win the opportunity to perform with other great names of the ox-bumbá in issue "Boi Manaus in 2018" that will take place on 20 e 21/10, in the Tourist Complex of the Ponta Negra Beach. The complete schedule is available on the website Viva Manaus, the link www.vivamanaus.com/boimanaus2018.

The Boi Manaus is performed by Manaus Prefecture, through the Municipal Foundation of Culture, Travel & Tourism (Manauscult) and celebrates the anniversary of the city. This year the event reaches its 21st edition, the fourth consecutive year one of the main postcards of the city, Ponta Negra.

Heats programming

Thursday, 18/10
19h at 19.20 - Guest artists of the day 20 – Boi Manaus 2018
19h30 to 19h50 - Kamayurá
20h to 20h20 - Neto Ribeiro
20h30 at 20.50 - Edmundo Oran
21 h 22.30 - Guest artists of the day 20 – Boi Manaus 2018

Friday, 19/10
19h at 19.20 - Kuarup
19h30 to 19h50 - Paulinho Vianna
20h to 20h20 - Marcia New
20h30 at 20.50 - Jardell Bentes
21 h 22.30 - Guest artists of the day 21 – Boi Manaus 2018

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