promotes state 697 educators for academic

Secretary said that measure is within the tax regime of rules and signaled that new frameworks will occur.
11/10/2018 09h36 - Updated 11/10/2018 09h36

after promoting, in June, 12.820 educators for academic qualification (with master, doctoral and postdoctoral), Rio state published, yesterday, By forming the framework of other 697 professionals. These servers were awaiting promotions for about five years. “They are old demands and, over these, we are almost zeroing requests”, said Secretary of Education, Wagner Victer.

According to the secretary, will be some remaining framework requests. The expectation is that all are granted soon, e, after, promotions will become automatic - assured Victer.

The measures that the Department of Education are taking over this year, like hiring teachers and promotions, not involved in the Fiscal Recovery Scheme (RRF) From Rio. The deal, signed between the state government and the Union in September 2017, provides freeze spending on public service.

Victer, however, He pointed out that the measures have legal endorsement and do not hurt the tax regime, because the financial impact is absorbed by the paste. “We are doing more this framework without jeopardizing the tax recovery. The financial effects are being absorbed with the best management of resources of the Fund for the Development of Basic Education and Valuing of Education Professionals (Fundeb) secretariat”, stated.

The publication that came out yesterday DO, had the framework 510 docentes I (expert in a particular field, for example, Mathematics) from 16 hours; 157 docentes I (from 30 hours); 3 docentes I (40 hours); 14 teaching 2 (normalistas) from 22 hours; 11 teaching 2 (40 hours) e 2 school inspectors (25 hours).

In June, when the state made official the promotion of 12.820 educators, this total, 2.100 professionals were teachers 2 e 10.720 I had the charge of teachers.

Source: THE DAY

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