Facebook begins to tell Brazilians who had stolen data

Hackers invaded about accounts 30 million people and had access to the name and contact details of users.
17/10/2018 12h40 - Updated 17/10/2018 12h40
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Facebook began sending messages to Brazilian users reporting on social networking profiles that were raided.

Last September, hackers stole about access 30 million people and had access to the name and contact details of users. The period of the invasion was between 14 e 27 of September.

According to the company, attackers used the access tokens to obtain certain account information. Since then, these access tokens were invalidated, which would prevent any further access to account information.

To check if your account is affected visit the Facebook Help Center.

Case history

The company reported on the 28 September that hackers had stolen digital access codes, allowing access to almost 50 million user accounts, but not confirmed, in season, if the information had been actually stolen.

After, no dia 12 of October, confirmed that the data about 30 million people have been improperly accessed.

See the message sent by Facebook users:

“We have more information about the security incident that found in 25 September 2018. Some of your information has been accessed by an unauthorized third party, including your name, email address, phone number and other information such as your date of birth and recent locations where you checked in or has been marked. We act quickly to protect the site and your account, and we are working closely with the authorities to deal with the incident. Learn more about how your account was affected and what you can do in the Help Center.”

Details invasion

By going to the Help Center, the user receives a deeper insight into the data that have been accessed by hackers.

See the information that was accessed:

  • Name;
  • Primary email address;
  • latest phone number added.

Besides that, attackers accessed other account information, as:

  • User name;
  • Date of birth;
  • Genre;
  • Types of devices used to access Facebook;
  • The language chosen to use Facebook.

It was added the following specific information to the Facebook account, they were also accessed:

  • Relationship status;
  • Religion;
  • Hometown;
  • Actual city;
  • Job;
  • Education;
  • Site;
  • The ten most recent locations in which you checked in or has been marked. These locations are determined by the locations mentioned in the publications, as reference points or restaurants, and not by the location data of a device;
  • As 15 latest research inserted into the Facebook search bar;
  • Pages or people you follow on Facebook.
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