Gideon Amorim takes Seduc and says he wants to be treated as a server

Ele retomou a gestão da secretaria, after six years, since its last administration the folder.
15/10/2018 15h14 - Updated 15/10/2018 18h26
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After taking the State Department of Education (Seduc) on Friday, 11, Professor Gideon Amorim signed the commitment to hold a participatory management uniting servers in project design and execution of actions to promote the increase of educational indicators.

In this Monday (15), the new secretary of the folder highlighted the celebration of the Teacher's Day and said that the teacher plays an important role in society, during this turbulent period for which passes the Brazilian political process.

"It is the time when the presence of the school and teacher, while developers reflection, it is critical to form citizens aware of the principles of respect and tolerance. The Department of Education will support the servers in this process ", he said.

In his new assignment in the folder command, Gideon Amorim said he wants to be treated as a server, without distinction. "I ask you to continue calling me teacher, friend, colleague. I will never be above you, we will be next ", stated.

He resumed the management of Seduc, after six years, since its last administration the folder. "I never distanced myself from my friends and teachers servers, always listening and trying to meet their demands within the possibilities that the elected positions allowed me in institutional issues ", he said.

Modernization and Humanization
According to the secretary of Seduc, he was called to the folder in order to implement modernization projects and the Humanization of Public Education. "We will work to ensure that education professionals can overcome challenges", said.

Gideon said, in 30 years, not acting Education, not remember seeing another profession so challenging and yet so rewarding that the teacher. "Without him, we know that there would be no medical, lawyers, police and other professions ".

The new incumbent minister said he always had an awareness of the importance of valuing educators, so much so that in his last term at the head of Seduc (2005-2012), he implemented important projects and compensation programs, training and better working conditions.

"But now the time is another country and the history of the period is delicate. With these new challenges, I want to commit myself to be closer to you, educators, knowing their reality and personal demand to overcome, together, the obstacles in improving student learning ", concluded.

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