Haddad called Bolsonaro the debate and he responds: “who talks to pole is drunk”

“Essa história de o fantoche de corrupto admitir erros do seu partido é pra boi dormir”, disparou o candidato do PSL.
16/10/2018 18h24 - Updated 16/10/2018 18h30
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Eduardo Simoes – Reuters

Opponents in the second round of the presidential race, Jair Bolsonaro (PAGE) and Fernando Haddad (PT) traded barbs in a social network on Tuesday, with PT responding to a publication of the opponent calling him to a debate and received the answer that "who talks to pole is drunk".

Haddad said in a Twitter Bolsonaro of publication in which the former army captain ranked story "to steer sleep" the fact that the PT has acknowledged mistakes made by his party.

"This story of the corrupt puppet admitted his party's mistakes is to steer sleep. The corruption in the Lula / Dilma was not isolated case, rule was to rule. So they are trapped president, treasurers, marketers ministers, etc, plus many others investigated ", shot Bolsonaro.

In response, Haddad returned to call the match for debates. Former Army captain has been advised by doctors not to participate in debates between the two candidates to the Plateau, after undergoing two surgeries due to stab wound he suffered in early September during campaign act.

"Tweet and make live easy, deputy. Let's discuss face to face, with education, in a ward if you need. The people want to see you show up at the job interview ", countered Haddad.

Bolsonaro, So, rose even more the tone, referring ironically to the opponent as "Andrade" and insinuating that the PT could be arrested soon.

"Mr. Andrade, who talks to pole is drunk. There is one that is imprisoned for corruption and you go every week in jail to visit him closely and receive orders! Beware that the conduct of the revealed news you could be next!”

The PT returned to answer, publishing a photo studio in which is held the debate on TV Globo empty and the message: "I wait you here, deputy. "

Bolsonaro Haddad has attacked the relationship that the rival has with former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, arrested since April in Curitiba for corruption and money laundering in the case of the triplex in Guaruja, Sao Paulo coast.

Originally, Lula was the candidate for the presidency PT, but he had his candidacy barred by the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) based on the Clean Record Law, which makes it ineligible convicted of collegiate bodies of the Judiciary.

Haddad, which is registered as one of Lula's lawyers, It became the presidential candidate of the PT in 11 September and visited the former president every Monday. The last visit he made to Lula was the day after the first round of election.

After this, Lula himself advised the political godson to no longer visit him, and Haddad has sought to signal to the center to take advantage Bolsonaro has in the polls and win the second round, marked for 28 of October.

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