Man swallows bill $ 50 to try to get rid of blatant theft and ends arrested, says police

Man assaulted a teenager when he was approached by police. Victim said he swallowed the money when he saw the police.
21/10/2018 09h59 - Updated 21/10/2018 10h01
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Na tentativa de se livrar do flagrante de roubo em Suzano, Robson Evangelista Soares, from 35 years, swallowed a bill $ 50, according to police. The case happened on Friday (19).

A teenager, from 17 years, He said he went to school when he was approached by the suspect at Rua Campos Sales. Police who were patrolling in the area saw the suspect action and made the approach.

According to police, the victim told the man pretended to be armed and asked him to hand over his cell phone and money and had already given $ R 50 the suspect.

The victim alerted the staff that the money was in the mouth of the suspect. But he had already swallowed. According to police, the man confessed that he swallowed the note.

In Suzano Center DP, police discovered that Smith was wanted for theft. It was issued a new theft police report and he was arrested. According to police, the man showed no lawyer.

Source: G1

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