DST will start on the same day of the first test of Enem

The gates open at 10am and close at 11 am, not Amazonas.
16/10/2018 18h07 - Updated 16/10/2018 18h07
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Mariana Tokarnia – Reporter Agency Brazil Brasilia
With the confirmation that DST will start on the first day of competition of the National High School Exam (one), no dia 4 from November, the recommendation is that students entering the new hourly rate, sleeping an hour earlier, about a week before, not to be harmed in the hour of trial.

"Guide students to three, four days before the Enem, begin to adjust sleep time. One thing is to get nervous, another is getting tired ", says the Portuguese language teacher Single College, Marcelo Freire.

In the days 4 e 11 from November, 5,5 million students across the country will Enem. On the first day of the exam (4/11), the language tests will be applied, humanities and writing. The application will be 5:30 am on duration. In the second day (11/11), there is evidence of natural science and mathematics. Students will have five hours to resolve the issues.

"On the first day of competition, the reading load is very large and has the writing test. Already have natural stress element. It will be worth trying to force a little biological time a few days before ", says Professor, which adds: "If the student sleep earlier during the week, on Saturday will have no problem with it. No use to do this on the eve, along with nervousness, it's normal, it will not work".

The tip, According to Freire, It can be adopted by students from all states, Independent adopt daylight saving time or not. This is because the application of Enem follows the GMT, Adopting the change in time.

Yesterday (15), the Presidential Palace said the start of the summer schedule will be kept on 4 from November, canceling a further postponement. Usually, the time begins in October, but it was postponed to November due to the second round of elections.

Earlier this month, the federal government even announced that it would delay the start of daylight saving time for the day 18 November because of a request made by the Ministry of Education for not harm candidates Enem. The examination will be applied in two Sundays. The first will be the day 4 from November.

in a statement, the Ministry of Education (GUY) informs that students who hold the Enem evidence should "exercise caution about daylight saving time, which will be strictly enforced ". The MEC also said that will strengthen communication to candidates about closing the gates and start the tests, following the official Brasilia time.

Examination selects students for places in public higher education by the Selection System Unified (content), for scholarships in private institutions by the University for All Program (ProUni) and vacancies in the Financial Aid Fund (Fies).

Closing the gates
In the following locations, the gates open at 12pm and close at 13h, local time: federal District; Holy Spirit; Goiás; Minas Gerais; Paraná; Rio de Janeiro; Rio Grande do Sul; Santa Catarina; Sao Paulo.

In the following states, the gates open at 11am and close at 12pm, local time: Alagoas; Amapá; Bahia; Ceará; Maranhão; Mato Grosso; Mato Grosso do Sul; For; Paraíba; Pernambuco; Piauí; large northern river; Sergipe; Tocantins.

In the following states, the gates open at 10am and close at 11 am, local time: Amazon; Rondônia; Roraima.

No Acre, the gates open at 9am and close at 10 am, local time.

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