Brother Omar Aziz is operating target investigating suspected of embezzling millions of health gang in the AM

Action is unfolding operation that arrested the former governor Jose Melo and health of former secretaries.
11/10/2018 09h26 - Updated 11/10/2018 16h39

The Federal Police unleashed on Thursday (11) the operation “Cashback” investigating a suspected gang of embezzling more than US $ 200 million allocation for health in the Amazon. The action is an offshoot of Operation Bad Paths, who arrested the former governor Jose Melo and health of former secretaries, in December 2017.

Among the targets are: Murad Aziz, businessman and Senator Omar Aziz's brother, and the lawyer Lino Chíxaro, former CEO of Amazonas Gas Company (Cigás). He left the company's command last year after being cited in the investigation. O G1 attempts to contact the defenses of the aforementioned.

The group would link with the businessman and doctor Mohamed Mustafa – owner of a health cooperative and appointed as head scheme. As research, Mustafa won bids to provide services in exchange for payment of bribes to politicians and civil servants.

The operation must comply 16 arrest warrants and 40 search and seizure in a luxury condominium, in South-Central Zone of Manaus, and other parts of the city. altogether, 150 Federal Police agents are involved in the action.

According to PF, the operation is the result of expertise conducted on mobile phones and computers of suspects identified in Bad Paths, which identified message exchanges between investigated and found more entrepreneurs, lawyers and politicians involved in corruption scheme, with fake invoices, shell companies and money laundering.

A “Cashback operation” investigates the crimes of embezzlement, money laundering and criminal organization. Research says that the crimes were committed by businessmen who provided goods and services to the social organization (corporate profit - NGO), not achieved in the first phase of operation.

“Only in one of the contracts of these companies with the State of Amazonas, no value 552 million reais, fraud has been identified in the amount of 140 million reais”, He informed the PF.

Understand the case

The group is suspected of participating in a fund-diversion scheme in the State Health. A “evil Ways” He pointed their involvement, in 2016. Former secretaries and former governor Jose Melo were arrested over three phases of the operation.

The investigated had signed contracts with the State Government for the management of health facilities, which was done through the New Paths Institute (INC), institution qualified as a social organization.

The investigations that led to the operation showed that, of almost R $ 900 million transferred between 2014 e 2015, by the National Health Fund (FNS) the State Health Fund (FES), more than R $ 250 million have been allocated to INC.

The participation of former governor, wife, Fabiana Oliveira, and former secretaries in the health funds diversion was identified through intercepted phone conversations between the brother of José Melo, Evandro Melo, e Mouhamad Moustafa.

Source: G1

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