Juca assigns defeat at the polls Lava Jet, Press and Venezuelan

Senador não conseguiu renovar o mandato por causa de uma diferença de apenas 426 votes.
12/10/2018 10h37 - Updated 12/10/2018 16h12

Senator Romero Juca (MDB-RR) He blamed the humanitarian crisis that hit Roraima, due to the migration of Venezuelans in the region, e a Operação Lava Jato por sua derrota nas urnas, no last Sunday, 7.

By a difference of only 426 votes, the emedebista did not get a new senator mandate, ranking third, behind the elected candidates Chico Rodrigues (THE) and Mecias Jesus (PRB).

“Eu não estarei na linha de frente porque não estarei no Senado, for the first time. lost by 426 votes, in a tough election, tainted by the invasion of Venezuelans, by cutting energy permanently Venezuela during the campaign. So, was a campaign with a very difficult situation, Apart from the attacks that suffered through two years by Lava Jet ", said Senator.

according Juca, prosecutors and the media acted against the political class and promoted a kind of "lynching". "We had juncture against political. What the prosecutor with the (Rodrigo) Janot did with the other organs was a condemnation of the policy, Eve. It was a lynching without trial. Eventually I got hit so, but it was not decisive in the election in Roraima. The determining factor was the serious situation that the state is going and, therefore, this situation in a bad mood that was the state's entire population ", said.

Juca said that now "will work" to "living wage" for "not rich". He said he will return to work as an economist, Your training area, from February 2019, when will no longer mandate.

"I will work. I live paycheck. I, other than said in the press, I am not a rich person, on the contrary. So, I need to make my life, from February I will work. I'm economist, I know very well the political Brazil, so I will work in this area. Still have no perspective because I am senator to 31 from January. Until then I will perform my job to the fullest ", concluded.

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