Judge keeps the air video with vice Wilson Lima advocating compensation to inmates dead

Candidate asked to censor videos that show the vice on his plate advocating the payment of compensation.
20/10/2018 18h41 - Updated 21/10/2018 11h58

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The electoral substitute judge Victor André Gomes Liuzzi, rejecting the applicant's request to the government of Amazonas Wilson Lima (PSC) for, limine, censor videos that show the vice on his plate, Carlos Alberto Almeida Filho (PRTB) defending the payment of compensation for the families of prisoners who were killed in the massacre in the Prison Complex Anísio Jobim (Compaj), in 2017, In Manaus.

Wilson Lima proposed electoral representation with a request for right of reply and emergency protection against the coalition "I vote in the Amazon", against videos where Carlos Alberto Almeida Filho advocates the payment of compensation to prisoners who were killed in a fight between factions, no Compaj. "However, though plausible arguments brought by the representative, not grant the protection being claimed appear possible in the form, which is, to prevent represented manifest on a particular subject, under penalty of incurring censorship, which is forbidden by our laws ", the judge decided. The process must elapse normally.

In an interview with The Critical, Carlos Alberto Almeida Filho, which was the holder of Defense Specialized Care Collective Interests (DPEAIC), He said it is negotiating with the state, by Attorney General (Intoxicated) and Civil House, the indemnities. "Last year we went through three changes of government. Soon after the massacre, We started working and talked with PGE, but the prosecutor did not set the indemnity amount to be paid. Then came the cancellation of Melo. In sequence, PGE also seek the era David Almeida, but we can not move forward. And we continue without an opinion of the State on the amount of compensation and who would extend these payments ", said the defender.

According to Almeida Filho, DPE initially pleaded indemnity amounts of R $ 50 thousand for each household of dead inmates. Or value, according to him, It is based on the Supreme Court decisions (STJ), in trials in which the state was responsible for the deaths of prisoners. The 64 victims in the massacre, 59 families sought the DPE and were considered able to receive the compensation. "The understanding we have is that if a person had their freedom curtailed, It is in a prison unit and dies inside, the state is rather responsible for it ", He argued the defender. "The problem is that many people find that there should not even be arrested", said.

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