Justice calls for examination of sanity and suspending action against aggressor Bolsonaro

In its decision, the judge accepted the defense argument that claimed to have doubts about the sanity of the aggressor.
12/10/2018 11h31 - Updated 12/10/2018 16h12

The judge of the 3rd Federal Court in Juiz de Fora (MG), Bruno Savino, It determined that further examination is done
in psychiatric Adélio Bishop, the defendant stabbing that struck the presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro (PAGE), in 6 of September, in the mining town. Thereby, the case against the offender must be suspended by 45 days, until the required expertise to complete. Bishop responsible for grievous bodily harm and can get stuck 3 a 10 years. He is remanded in custody by the Federal Police in Campo Grande. Bolsonaro was 23 hospitalized days in São Paulo, no Hospital Albert Einstein, and is recovering at home, in Rio de Janeiro.

Adélio Bishop has been subjected to an examination, the defense's request, which pointed out serious disorder. Now, Bruno Savino judge ordered to open the call “insanity incident”, conducted by experts and whose objective is to evaluate the health of the abuser.

The Bishop of the defense strategy is to drop the charges of MPF (Federal Public Ministry) that fall under the National Security Law, in which it was indicted by the Federal Court. Thereby, treated as the case insanity. In this case, the penalty is not met in prison, but a legal asylum.

The penalty period is also lower. Adélio confessed to the crime in testimony to the Federal Police. The delegate docaso, Rodrigo Morais, He concluded that he acted alone, by political dissatisfaction with the positions of Bolsonaro, and set up action based on the National Security Law.

Source: UOL News

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