Thief swallows gold chain and arrested after examination x-ray

He denied theft occurred, but x ray examination confirmed in UPA jewel in the man's abdomen region. Police recovered the cord.
21/10/2018 09h44 - Updated 21/10/2018 09h44
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A man was arrested for stealing a gold chain on Avenida Vieira Souto, Ipanema, in the South Zone of Rio, in this Saturday (20).

He swallowed the jewel and said innocent, but he was arrested after the x-ray examination to see that the cord was in his abdomen.

According to information from 23 BPM (Leblon), Spanish tourist Maese Eduardo Alvarez told police Yuri Lima practiced robbery and then swallowed the cord. The release was confirmed by witnesses. The case was referred to 12th DP (Copacabana).

Police decided to take the author of the theft for an exam in Copacabana where the UPA resonance imaging showed a spot, close to your abdomen. With the zoom, it became clear that it was the cord.

Then, he was arrested at the scene and recovered cord, second to PM.

Source: G1

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