Doctor says it's up to Bolsonaro decide on participation in debates

Bolsonaro presented clinical and nutritional.
18/10/2018 14h53 - Updated 18/10/2018 21h51
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The doctor Antonio Macedo, one responsible for the care of the PSL presidential candidate, Jair Bolsonaro, He said on Thursday that it is up to the presidential candidate and his team decide to participate or not campaign acts and debates on television in the second round of the contest for the Presidential Palace, After clinical evaluation point good performance of former captain.

"He decides, we do only the medical evaluation ", Macedo told Reuters by message after leaving without speaking to journalists Bolsonaro house in the west of Rio de Janeiro, unlike previous visits where was interviewed soon after evaluating the presidential candidate.

Asked directly if Bolsonaro was cleared by doctors to return to participate in campaign events and debates, Macedo reiterated to Reuters that "he (Bolsonaro) and the staff who decide ".

After visiting the presidential, the doctor issued a statement pointing out that Bolsonaro had an uneventful clinical, but still requires nutritional support and physiotherapy.

"Bolsonaro was now facing multidisciplinary medical evaluation, imaging studies and laboratory, which were stable. Shows good clinical and nutritional assessment showed improvement in body composition, but still requiring nutritional support and physiotherapy ", he said.

Second or doctor, Bolsonaro has regained weight after losing 15 kg as a result of two surgeries he underwent due to the attack, but "there are still more 5 kilograms ".

The PSL candidate was discharged from the Albert Einstein hospital in 29 September after spending 23 days hospitalized after being stabbed during a campaign rally in Juiz de Fora (MG), last month.

There was the expectation that Bolsonaro was cleared by doctors on Thursday to resume campaign events and participate in debates with their opponents in the second round of the contest for the Presidential Palace, Fernando Haddad (PT).

The Bolsonaro himself had said it would be cleared by doctors this week and that would be available to attend two debates with Haddad.

But on Wednesday Bolsonaro admitted he did not go to the debate campaign strategy is already used by candidates in other elections, quoting former President Luiz Inacio Lula de Silva.

"Now I will discuss a guy who is a post and a warrant Dick Lula? Has holy patience ", said. "Politics is strategy, logical."

And the re-elected Congressman Onyx Lorenzoni (DEM-RS), tipped to take over the Ministry of Staff in any government Bolsonaro (PAGE), I had indicated on Tuesday that the presidential candidate should not participate in debates.

The PSL's presidential faces the PT candidate in the second round of the day 28 October after being the most votes in the first round with 46 percent of the valid votes, while Haddad was second with 29 Percent.

Bolsonaro leads the voting intentions for the second round of the presidential contest with 59 percent of the valid votes, according to the latest survey Ibope, while Haddad appears 41 Percent.

Haddad has harshly criticized Bolsonaro stating that he shuns debates.

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