Live denies influence in elections to disclose tipoff Palocci

Some of the statements were made public by Live on October 1, six days before the first round of elections.
18/10/2018 14h49 - Updated 18/10/2018 16h13
Photo: Agency Brazil

Felipe Pontes – Agency Brazil

Judge Sergio Moro, the 13th Federal Court of Curitiba, sent to the National Council of Justice (CNJ) manifestation that denies having tried to influence the electoral process by making public the content of the award-winning collaboration former finance minister Antonio Palocci.

Some of the statements were made public by Live on October 1, six days before the first round of elections. On them, Palocci accuses former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and former President Dilma Rousseff of direct participation in the corruption scheme in Petrobras, investigated by Operation Lava Jet.

Moro said the mayor-National Justice, Humberto Martins, We had no intention to influence elections to disclose the testimony, since the current PT's presidential candidate, Fernando Haddad, It is not cited by Palocci. The magistrate added that could not stop the progress of the case only on the basis of the electoral calendar.

"Delaying the testimony of publicity after the elections could be considered as inappropriate as its disclosure in the previous period. If the testimony, supposedly, has some influence in elections, hide their existence is equal interference disclosure ", he argued Moro.

He dismissed the two representations opened against him in the CNJ by Members of PT Wadih Damous, Paulo Pimenta and Paulo Teixeira. Moro, procedures "are part of the line adopted by some party agents Workers seek to criminalize the jurisdictional activity".

Moro also said that PT deputies "seek, these same politicians, provocation by the National Council of Justice (whose composition want, by the way, change), curtailing court decisions that go against their partisan interests, even at the expense of law enforcement corruption crimes ".

In both representations opened by PT, or party says Moro “distorted his serenity of duty” to make public the contents of the denunciation to six days of the first round of elections. According to the party, the judge ignited society “from documents that have not gone through adversarial sieve ".

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