Woman gets drill within the body after operating the elbow in hospital

Ferida em acidente de moto, operadora de caixa diz que descobriu corpo estranho de cerca de 5 centímetros após sentir muitas dores no pós-cirúrgico.
17/10/2018 13h01 - Updated 17/10/2018 13h01
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Uma operadora de caixa tomou um susto ao descobrir que uma broca foi esquecida dentro de seu corpo após uma cirurgia no Hospital de Urgências de Goiânia (Hugo). According to Karine Fernandes, the operation was performed for placement of pins in the elbow after she suffered a motorcycle accident. however, but also I felt a lot of pain, It went to another doctor and discovered the existence of the object, which is about 5 centimeters.

in a statement, Hugo said that there was no need to remove the drill because it “did not compromise the function” member could be extracted and subsequently, along with the pins, depois da consolidação da fratura (read in full at the end of text).

Karine account that suffered the accident at the beginning of June, em Água Limpa, in southern Goiás, Where do you live. The next day, It was referred to Goiania and was hospitalized for ten days to be operated. Two days later, He was discharged and returned home.

It happens that she followed in pain postoperatively and had difficulty even to be able to do the physical therapy sessions.

"I thought it was normal because we have no knowledge about it. He showed things to the doctor and he never said anything. So I thought it was normal ", remember.

There is about a week, she noticed a strange, sharp body had appeared on his arm. Intrigued, she decided to look for another doctor, em Caldas Novas, Also in the southern state, and discovered the problem through an x-ray.

"The same day I went to the doctor the night and he told me that it was a waste of surgery and asked if I wanted to take. I talked: 'I take'. I was bothering him and hurting, I want to take. He took off and was a drill ", recalls.

Now, family plans to go to court against Hugo. The husband of Karine, Gean Aurelio, who is also his lawyer, He said it is a clear case of negligence.

“Negligence and recklessness. We will bring an action against the state because both the hospital and the state have to be responsible and indemnify it as a medical error so gross that ", says.

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