New Bolsonaro surgery should take place in January, says doctor

PSL presidential candidate must undergo further surgery after a possible possession, If elected in the second round.
12/10/2018 10h27 - Updated 12/10/2018 16h13
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The presidential candidate PSL, Jair Bolsonaro, must undergo further surgery after a possible possession, If elected in the second round. It is what provides the chief surgeon of the applicant's medical staff, Antonio Luiz Macedo, do Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, in Morumbi, where the applicant was hospitalized for almost a month.

In an interview with The State of S. Paulo on the afternoon of Wednesday, the expert said that the operation to close the colostomy (externalizing the intestine to feces output of) It can only be made after the day 12 from December, more than, the procedure requires two weeks of recovery, if the patient submit to operation this year there would be no guarantees that he would be fully recovered for eventual ownership, on January 1.

In this way, the ideal, according to the doctor, It is that the procedure is done only in January. “I would feel safer if we shut (colostomy) after (eventual) posse, in January. But if he wants to do before, I do not see major difficulties”, stated. “He is very active, almost impulsive, It has a lot of energy to get things done, can he want to take before. I think if the tests are good on 18 of October, hoping to end the election campaign, he decides to close in mid-December or January”, said Macedo.

The procedure

In the new surgery, the abdomen Bolsonaro will open again for the handles of the large intestine are joined and, thereby, intestinal transit returns to normal and the patient stop using the stool collection bag.

The operation involves opening the abdomen and can not be made by laparoscopic type for which colostomy was subjected Bolsonaro, called terminal colostomy, when the intestine is completely separated so that one of “bocas” be externalized to the skin to the output of feces in the collection bag

according to Macedo, the chance of a complication that surgery is less than in previous operations to which was submitted Bolsonaro. “It is a surgery that, for a well-trained surgeon, It is not a big deal as it was that day 12 of September. That, sim, it was terrible, took too long. Everything was stuck because of the spill stool at the time of trauma, excessive bleeding, hemorrhagic shock”, said Macedo, referring to the emergency operation made six days after the stabbing to correct an intestinal blockage caused by adhesion of the loops of the body. Second or doctor, The procedure lasted six hours.

Colostomy was necessary to isolate the damaged areas of passage of stool, decreasing, like this, the risk of infections. This because, to be attacked in Juiz de Fora, in 6 of September, Bolsonaro suffered three punctures in the small intestine and the large intestine. He came to Santa Juiz de Fora house in serious condition, with internal bleeding, and she underwent surgery that stemmed the bleeding and repaired intestinal and vascular lesions.


Although reversal colostomy surgery is less complex than previous, it is not without risks. As in any operation of the digestive system, can cause complications such as infections, fistulas or intestinal obstructions

The recovery, However, It should be faster than the previous surgeries.

According to William Cotti, Surgeon digestive tract of the State Cancer Institute of São Paulo (ICESP) Hospital das Clinicas in Sao Paulo, the average length of stay after colostomy reversal surgery is one week.

“It's a week in the hospital and another week of recovery at home, with rest. If everything goes well, power is reintroduced already two or three days after surgery”, he said.

Like this, if surgery is actually performed in January, the presidential, if elected, would be unable to attend official engagements for at least two weeks.

After the food reintroduction period and healing, the patient is already released to their normal activities the digestive system back up and running normally and no complication is not verified, can travel and have public commitments, say doctors.

Source: Estadão

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