Palocci will be judged by TRF4 four days before the second round

The feature was released by the process of the reviewer in court, Judge Leandro Paulsen, no last day 4.
12/10/2018 12h32 - Updated 12/10/2018 12h32

The trial of the appeal of former minister Antonio Palocci, convicted last year, in the first instance, a 12 years in prison for crimes passive corruption and money laundering, He entered on the agenda of TRF4 (Regional Court
Federal 4th District) day 24 of October, four days before the second round.

The feature was released by the process of the reviewer in court, Judge Leandro Paulsen, no last day 4.
Palocci was convicted on charges of receiving bribes in the supply of probes contracts for Petrobras signed with Odebrecht.

Two weeks before the first round, Judge Sergio Moro, responsible for the condemnation of Palocci and the shares of Lava jet in the first instance, released part of the award-winning tipoff signed with PF (Federal police) where the former minister makes charges against the former presidents PT Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff, apart from own party.

Second part of the whistleblower whose secrecy was overthrown, Palocci said Lula decided to maintain the positions of Petrobras directors upon becoming aware that they would be involved in corruption charges in state.
Also according to whistleblower, Lula would have called Palocci to a meeting at the presidential palace, in February 2007, shortly after the re-election of PT candidate for a second term.

at the meeting, says former minister, Lula would, “quite angry”, I informed him that it learned that the directors of Petrobras Paulo Roberto Costa and Renato Duque were committing crimes in the state. When asked Lula if the information would be true, Palocci said he confirmed the practice of irregularities on the boards of state. Duke and Paulo Roberto left Petrobras only 2012, the first government Dilma Rousseff.

Source: UOL News

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