The PT has already lost as the 2nd round and is' sanding’ to Haddad, says Cid Gomes

For Senator elected by PDT, 'Comrades' PT thinks only of ensuring hegemony in opposition in future government Bolsonaro
17/10/2018 12h26 - Updated 17/10/2018 16h42
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Senator elected Cid Gomes (PDT-EC) He said on Tuesday, 16, the ESP / Broadcast, that the PT has given the presidential dispute lost in the second round of elections 2018 and is “not give a damn” for presidential candidate Fernando Haddad. In Ciro Gomes's brother vision (PDT), a “companheirada” I am only thinking of ensuring the hegemony in opposition to a future government of Jair Bolsonaro (PAGE).

“They (PT) They want to be hegemonic even in opposition. Much of the comrades there already given up for lost (the second round) and you are thinking about it, to be hegemonic in opposition. They are filing for Haddad. They are incapable of an act of greatness, even if it is to allow an opportunity for the young, talented, smart, preparation that is Fernando Haddad.

I think that (gesture of self-criticism) You must come from those in PT command”, he said. Cid sparked controversy in political act held in Fortaleza (THIS), late on Monday, in which he urged the PT made a self-criticism for not “lose badly” of Bolsonaro in the presidential election.

The pedetista just booed by the crowd, He started shouting the name of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, that is stuck in Curitiba in Operation Lava Jet. After talking to Cid, PT considers it unlikely the creation of broad front against Bolsonaro. Haddad tried to play down the statements and said that the PT would support any candidate against Bolsonaro if the party was not in the second round. On Tuesday, Cid Gomes reiterated to report such criticism and said that is a feature of PT does not make gestures to acknowledge errors.

“If you have a chance to reverse this situation (leadership Bolsonaro), extremely averse Haddad, I consider the best candidate, is we go to the heart of the matter, What is this craving, that anger, this revenge, that most Brazilians have in relation to PT”, said. “I think the only way to counteract this feeling is unlink.

It is an apology, It is the recognition errors. Being humble does not hurt anyone, I have never seen anyone suffer because he made a gesture of humility, recognition errors. unfortunately missing (this recognition errors), which apparently is characteristic of PT”, he said.

The elected senator also said that there is a sense in Brazilian society “teach a lesson” both PT and the PSDB, but the toucans have already taken the “shitload” in the first round, when the PSDB presidential candidate, Geraldo Alckmin, ranked as fourth place.

“(The rejection of society) is not only EN, no, the PSDB also. I think there is a feeling of turning the two pages (PSDB and PT). The Alckmin took the first beating, the PSDB took the first punches in the first round. It is obvious that the PT is a party that has more machine, just choosing the most seats, which in the end is 10% Congress. That, for a party that had the president for four consecutive mandates, it's nothing.

So there is a sense of giving a lesson on the PSDB and the PT and now the victim is that Haddad”, said. Early, Cid used his Facebook profile to try to circumvent the impact of their statements. He wrote on the social network that is Haddad “infinitely better than Bolsonaro”. “I do not want revenge from anyone. For Brazil the least bad is the Haddad. So I think it would be better that he won”, published.

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